Hey, what about you? Don’t you speak English? Sign language can also be a way for animals and humans. Charles’s words immediately caused three unusually tall companions behind him to laugh. It was obvious that Charles had no response to Anne’s cold attitude, but Li Yueling became his best mockery target. It should be said that he was the object of anger.

Of course I can speak English, but how can I say that English is in your way? Oh, by the way, there is a saying in our country that a good dog doesn’t get in the way, and Li Yueling will never tolerate taking the initiative to provoke others.
Hehe, Li, you said it was interesting. You compared them to dogs, didn’t you? Annie seems to be not enough. She smiled and leaned close to Li Yueling in her back ear and wondered
This sister-in-law is also a master of provoking dissension. Li Yueling feels that Anne is very powerful. Nai shrugged her shoulders and said, Annie, when your comprehension ability is not bad, I can teach you a few more proverbs in our country.
Charles has a famous background in the Royal Holloway Courtyard. His family is a well-known wine producer in Britain and Europe. His grandfather is also an earl and aristocrat.
What’s more, Charles does have a double master’s degree that ordinary people can’t do, and he is studying for a doctorate in law. For his age of 23, this is definitely a great achievement. He is also the basketball director of Holloway College. To put it mildly, he is also a talented person.
It’s no wonder that he has developed that arrogant appearance. Of course, these innate and acquired conditions also make him recognize that it is only after pursuing Anne’s absolute qualification that he will be impulsive and provocative.
Now Charles’s mind is full of ideas that can make Li Yueling ugly in public and see that the other party is fighting, but he is very happy that this can happen.
You insulted me, and I demand that you and I confront Charles and stare at Li Yueling mercilessly, as if you would never stop until you treat each other today.
God, I really can’t understand your childish thinking. What is insult? Did I insult you when I made out with Annie Baby? That’s not too outrageous. If you talk like this, I’m afraid nine out of ten passers-by will insult you. That doubt will be extremely painful for you. Li Yueling exaggerates and shakes her hands and laughs.
When I heard Li Yueling calling herself Annie Baby, Annie was also very cooperative. She turned her head to her front shoulder and kissed me. I looked like this, which made Charles angry. Her eyes seemed to be in a blaze. If you dare to fight, just give me a word or stay away from Annie.
Li Yueling first turned his attention to Annie Tao, and Annie Baby lost our precious value because of dealing with him. I don’t know if it’s worthwhile. Please give me an idea.
Anne smiled wittily like an elf. Of course, she will take up the challenge. Now that you are a member of our hospital and my boyfriend Annie, how can you show weakness in front of others?
I heard Annie say that Li Yueling, her boyfriend, almost choked in one breath. This little princess is really good at teasing people to stimulate them. Don’t drag me too. If this matter is known by my warm jade baby, I won’t have to spend a lot of time explaining it.
Li Yueling, who learned the quirky side of Anne, responded with a brazen look. Charles said, What do you want to compete with?
At this time, because of their dispute, many college students have stopped to watch. It is strange that Anne or Charles are both celebrities in Holloway Hospital and Li Yueling’s mysterious oriental temperament. These three people are not conspicuous together.
Charles couldn’t help but get excited when he saw Li Yueling’s challenge. It seemed that he had seen the other minister at his own feet and wanted to blurt out the word basketball. As more and more people gathered around him, Charles couldn’t help thinking that if he had taken the initiative to play a game, it would definitely not be basketball, otherwise even if he won, others would be stronger than the weak, and how could he highlight his talent?
Because of his absolute confidence in himself, Charles finally smiled generously. Since you are willing to fight, it’s up to you to decide what to compare. I will win whatever to compare. Of course, after I win, you must exchange your promise and stay as far away from Annie as possible.
Really? It’s more polite than anything. Li Yueling doesn’t know what Charles is thinking, but from the arrogant eyes of the other party, Li Yueling still realizes that this guy should be something real.
Looking around, unfortunately, Li Yueling saw a basketball court not far away. At this time, three or five people were playing basketball and immediately said to save money. Let’s play a basketball to decide whether to win or lose.
Annie couldn’t help but stare at Li Yueling’s sweet smile, which made Li Yueling wonder what she had said wrong, and the students who stopped around the hospital also gave a long sigh and felt sorry for Li Yueling’s almost murderous nature.
Holloway College basketball team can break into the top four teams in the British University Basketball League. As the captain of the basketball team, you can imagine how good Charles is at basketball.
In the end, Li Yueling understood that everyone would have this strange expression in a sentence from Anne’s novel close to his ear, because she immediately spilled a smile and didn’t know how I wouldn’t win, little Annie. Just watch it.
Li Yueling’s lazy smile filled with letters made Anne unprovoked. A burst of relieved curiosity looked at Li Yueling and secretly said that he was true. Maybe he could really beat Charles in the basketball match.
If anyone in the audience still has a little confidence in Li Yueling, it is that they feel that Li Yueling has been faithful to Anne at the moment.
On the other hand, I heard Daniel lee Ling take the initiative to decide the outcome of basketball, Charles, and now he is smiling brilliantly and contemptuously. All this is for you. Don’t blame me for not giving you a chance.
Charles should go to the stadium first, and it is recognized that a one-sided basketball showdown is coming.
Chapter seventy-seven Ten ball decision
Ten-ball showdown, don’t say I won’t give you a chance. You kick Charles first, turn around 360 degrees and slam the basketball with one hand, and then throw it to Li Yueling at the center line.
Li Yueling is still that lazy expression, as if Charles had just demonstrated, and the blue root has never entered his eyes. By the way, if I lose, I must stay as far away from Annie as possible. This is what you say. At this time, he has taken off his clothes and rolled up his shirt cuffs.
Do you want to go back on your word? Hum, Charles Li Yueling is going to back out after seeing his extraordinary skills.
Is it possible? But since I lose, I have to pay the price. If I win, why can’t I win some prizes? Li Yueling’s words immediately attracted people around the stadium to cater to them. Although in their view, Li Yueling is already a losing game, since it is a showdown, of course, we must pay attention to the word fairness.
Charles put his hands on his chest and brushed his forehead. The blonde disdained, If you can beat me, I will not only give up pursuing Annie forever, but also never play basketball again.
Li Yueling and others are his words. If I don’t give you this little lesson today, I’m really sorry for myself.
Li Yueling returned the ball to Charles, then threw the basketball back to him, and the match was over.
With a goal in hand, Li Yueling’s thoughts can’t help drifting back to his childhood. Maybe he can become a professional basketball player now, not because he was first seen by a martial arts coach.
Having honed his skills for three years as a teenager, Li Yueling’s solid foundation is still vague. After receiving the ball, he was not in a hurry to attack, but was carrying the ball slowly, which made Charles, who was stationed at the free throw line, feel puzzled for a long time.
If you are afraid, you can just abandon it.
Charles seems to think that Li Yueling’s move is because of his fear, which makes him very proud. Instead of going to grab the ball, he stretched out his right hand and pointed to Li Yueling, making a wave. This kind of provocation is obvious to everyone.
Although Li Yueling didn’t know the specific depth of Charles, he made a smooth dribble before observing him. Li Yueling knew clearly that it was impossible to beat this guy with his skill in his youth.
It seems that it is better to rely on basketball as a sport that relies heavily on physical skills. Since one’s skills can’t match, one should make up for it from the physical quality, and gradually get used to hitting the basketball in one’s hand, and get back some feeling of vertical and horizontal courts when he was a teenager. Li Yueling’s mouth can’t help but hang a little ponder smile and always attack forward.
Charles finally got excited when he saw Li Yueling’s action, rubbing his hands and secretly saying that it was a game to win. That would definitely not meet his requirements. It would be better to win him if he humiliated the other side less. It would be better to win him ten times more than it would be better to make some collisions and cause some accidents. It would be better for this annoying Oriental boy to lie in the hospital for a while
Who told you to offend me, master Charles? Just wait for the bleak scene. Stare at Li Yueling’s moving figure ruthlessly. Charles hangs a slightly ferocious smile.
When Li Yueling set foot on the three-point line, Charles rushed at Li Yueling at a high speed that did not fit his tall figure. His right hand swung quickly in the opposite direction
Flash ball
Charles asked if he could escape himself and suddenly attack his opponent. There would never be more than three people in the basketball team of Holloway College, not to mention that this one is much shorter than himself. When the wind blows, it will make the East smaller. It seems that his ball control posture will be a little bit, but it will be far from him.
Just as everyone gave a scream, seeing that Li Yueling was about to lose the ball, Li Yueling was suddenly regarded as weak by everyone. Suddenly, an incredible rapid shaking evaded Charles and vowed to win the ball.
Oh, my God, did you see that oriental move faster than Charles’ instant hand to copy the ball? Half-court people couldn’t help talking when they saw this incredible scene.