The door is at the back of the carriage, Bruno explained

No way, himl said
Of course, Bruno said with a sigh that at the end, he repeated that the dining car was.
No way. himl insisted. We would have gone long ago
Bruno still muttered, of course, but didn’t say much and didn’t let himl hear him.
When the train finally stopped, himl went on to say that we came to a very cold place and had to walk here.
Bruno, one of our cars, said it was loud at the moment.
Mom was taken away, dad Joseph, and I have lived in the camp over there until now.
Himl looked very sad when he told this story. Bruno didn’t know something. It didn’t look like a tragic experience. After all, Bruno went through the same thing.
Are there many boys over there? Bruno asked
Thousands of himl said
Bruno opened his eyes and said that he was very surprised. That was really unfair, but there was no one here to play with.
We don’t play, himl said
What not to play?
What can we play? He asked him, and his expression showed that he was confused about the question.
Well, I don’t know what Bruno said about all kinds of things, such as football or adventure. How about adventure there? Is it fun?
Himl shook his head and didn’t answer. He looked back at the camp and turned to Bruno. He didn’t want to ask any more questions, but his stomach ache forced him to talk.
Did you bring food? He asked.
I’m afraid not. Bruno said I wanted to bring chocolate, but I forgot.
Chocolate himl said slowly that his tongue licked from behind his teeth. I ate chocolate once.
I loved chocolate once, but I couldn’t eat much because my mother said my teeth would break.
You didn’t bring bread, did you?
Bruno shook his head and didn’t bring anything. He said that dinner wouldn’t be until 6: 30. When do you eat?
Himl shrugged his shoulders and buried his head in his leg. I think I have to go back, he said
Maybe you can have dinner with us one day, Bruno said, although he doesn’t know if it’s a good idea.
Maybe. himl said that although it sounded like he didn’t believe it either.
Or I’ll go to your place for dinner. Bruno said I might go and see your friends. He added expectantly that he hoped himl would invite him, but he didn’t seem to respond.
But you’re not on our side, himl said
I can climb from the bottom. Bruno said, bend over and pull up the wire. It’s in the middle of two wooden poles. It’s easy for a child of Bruno’s size to climb over.
Himl watched him do this and stepped back nervously. I have to go, he said.
Maybe one afternoon, Bruno said
I shouldn’t be here. They’ll be in big trouble if they catch me.
He turned around and left. Bruno once again noticed how short and thin his new friend was. He didn’t care about it because he knew how unpleasant it would be to comment on a person’s height, and the last thing he wanted was to be unfriendly to himl.
I will come again tomorrow. Bruno shouted to the boy who was leaving, but himl didn’t answer. Instead, he ran to the camp and left Bruno alone.
Bruno felt that today’s adventure had been very rewarding, so he headed for home. He was very excited about what he saw today. He couldn’t wait to tell his mother and father, Gretel Gretel, that he would be very jealous and explore. He also told Maria that chef Les would tell them about his adventure this afternoon, tell them the interesting name of his new friend, and tell them that they were born in the same year, the same month and the same day. But as he got closer to home, he felt that this was not a good idea.
After all, he thought they might not let me be friends with him, so he wouldn’t let me come through the front door again. When he smelled the smell of beef roasting in the oven, he was going to have dinner. He decided to keep it a secret. No, it was his secret. Well, he kept it a secret with himl
Bruno insists that parents, especially sister, can’t hurt them if they don’t know