In fact, just when she told the truth, his resentment against her had already dissipated unconsciously.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t feel nervous at the moment when she turned away, feeling the panic like life would be lost again.
To love her, he lost his dignity. Even if he tried his best to defend himself, he still lost in front of her.
That is, he didn’t feel lucky when he turned around smartly.
Thousand colors once again returned to the Xuewan temple, and everything was the same as when she left.
Even the nightgown she put on the screen at that time was untouched, but the room was spotless.
Qianse lay in bed, stretched out his hand and stroked his precious brocade sheets, and there was a smile on his mouth.
Brother, I’m back in the palace.
You wait for me, wait for me to avenge you
I will double your pain and get it back for you.
Miss, just then an exciting sound came in from the outside.
Pearl heard that the young lady had come back, and she rushed to Xuewan Hall excitedly.
When she was the first to rush into the thousand-color room, she happened to see a sneer at the corners of her mouth, and there was a cold flash in her eyes
Pearl couldn’t help shivering. Was that her former lady just now?
Thousand colors turned to look at the door. It was Pearl that wait for a while looked at her.
Pearl thousand colors quickly sat up from the bed and walked quickly to her.
She looked at her with eyes full of excitement and said in her heart that she was unhappy.
She didn’t come to inform her when she left the palace with Ye Fenghua at that time.
I don’t know. She didn’t blame her for this year.
Pearl returned to Miss Shen and remained the same as before, and her roots remained unchanged.
Maybe she was wrong just now.
Yes, I must have been blinded by too many intrigues and intrigues because I lived in the palace.
Thought of this, Pearl felt very guilty because she had misjudged the young lady.
Pearl, how have you been this year?
Miss, I’m fine. Pearl’s eyes are red. She tried to hold back her tears and looked at Qianse carefully.
I found that she was thinner and a little darker than before.
When the young lady disappeared, she was more anxious than anyone else.
Finally, the emperor declared that the young lady was going to rest outside the palace because of physical discomfort.
She knew that the young lady must have left the palace and never came back.
She returned that she would never see her again.
Fortunately, she is still alive, and she has returned to the palace.
Miss, have you had a good year? Pearl asked cautiously.
Thousands of colors were slightly stunned, and then she nodded and smiled and said, I am very good, very good.
Pearl, who didn’t listen to the accent in a thousand words, was relieved that she was really doing well.