People respond to a piece of water foam and whirl around in front of the surging billows. The side head of the surging billows looks at it, and after hugging arms and walking to the side, the fierce green sun shrugs its shoulders and bends over. Do you want us to get this bird first?

Just before their eyes, the flaming birds seemed to be finally tired, and a pair of jewel-like eyes soaked in water with wet feathers stared at the two teenagers bitterly.
Destroy the surging billow is got before and after two pairs of hate bird eyes staring at him, although he is evil and cold-hearted, but he can do it if he talks about cunning and reckless behavior.
As if to appease the two birds, it is uncomfortable to see two white lights spinning and rushing from the depths of the pool, and the gentle white mist is swept to the two embarrassed birds and gently twisted and rubbed their heads with touching.
Two whining birds were quiet when two white lights rushed to the two teenagers. Before they could prepare for two white lights, they fell straight like half-way broken arrows and drew a breeze against their faces.
Well, the eyes of Cang Lan moved, but I saw that the two white lights were spinning with a few tiny velvet flowers. It seems that the land here is growing everywhere, and the white flowers are everywhere. Two white lights suddenly retract into the water and disappear, and a white figure is standing up slowly with a healthy line.
See mark and turn your back on the two teenagers will all wet pale golden hair dial to one side shoulder scattered slightly encouraged shoulder just hot bath breathing.
Destroy Cang Lan’s fierce green sun glances, while Mark Gong leans over a blue light and flashes. Kurome Road destroys Cang Lan. You have a lot of guts.
The pavilion is so calm that it doesn’t eat hard or soft. It seems that I can play some tricks to destroy Cang Lan and bend over slightly on my knees. This posture makes him even more evil. You said that if you can get rid of these birds, you can consider the mountain, but you can’t say for sure what method.
Ha mark paused and suddenly gave a hearty laugh. A wave of wet long hair left a few glittering and translucent water drops. Half-length didn’t turn around in the water and stepped on the water. She rested on her hips and lifted her arms at the destruction of Cang Lan. She laughed and laughed. What a little evil, but she was smart and wicked. How can you have all the good things this day?
There are a lot of bad things, too. The male laughs strangely and his eyes stand up. He confronts both sides and says that this evil spirit body always hurts people to death, even many people can’t enjoy it.
Fierce Qingyang looked back and forth at the two men, and some naively took hold of the shoulders and waved and said, You two are no better than acting. I know you are all holding a fire. I said Mark Gong.
He suddenly opened his eyes with a heavy air, burning like a star shining in the night, and looked at Dinggong’s strange blue light without evading. Kurome said, I don’t care whether you are angry or not. Since you are the master of the three famous houses in China, the main situation in the world at this critical moment is your responsibility. If you don’t accept it, don’t make your balcony a famous house in the misty rain, so that all the troubles will be gone.
Mark Gong gently turned to be surprised to see a cold face. Fierce Qingyang picked up her elbow and stroked her with a smile. I’m still a passionate teenager, Little Xia.
He didn’t destroy Cang Lan, smiled and patted the fierce green sun on his shoulder. He said, "I have to say it, whether you want to listen or not."
Fierce Qingyang looked back and stared out Cang Lan. I’m afraid Mr. Cat didn’t want to listen to it that day, but he still gave me a thousand miles of frost and sword spirit. It’s a general situation. If Mark Gong is angry instead, it can be said that every man has a different mind.
Destroy surging billow so surprised to slightly open your mouth, you say more and more severe.
The cat’s secret is a slight playful smile, and there is a cold glimmer in the pupil. I say, fierce young Xia, you carry that thousand miles of frost on your back, but Jiang Yu’s leader gave it to you.
That’s right, Young Xia. I nodded and lovingly touched the sword hilt of Frost China. My predecessor Jiang was injured. I absolutely can’t let go of those scum in the underworld. If it weren’t for thinking about doing my best in the human world, I’ll tell you the truth. I just want to turn around and leave when I see it.
Mark and slightly turn their eyes and destroy Cang Lan’s four eyes. Two people who are shrewd and deep in the sea turned out to be old friends. They shrugged their shoulders face to face but listened to Cang Lan’s bursts of laughter. I told you that he was not a pure-blooded teenager, right?
This remark really made me laugh and nod my lips in confusion. I’m a personal critic, but I don’t care about anyone. It seems that this fierce young Xia is really angry.
Fierce Qingyang is really confused. Look at the appearance of destroying Canglan mark. I feel that this pair of strangeness is like a long time ago. The cat was very similar that day. I wondered if I had been teased by two shrewd people unconsciously, so I coughed and pushed out Canglan Road. Although it was a gift to your precious birds, it was like Canglan just said that you could get around them, but you didn’t say anything. What else can you say now?
However, it’s something to say. Mark shrugged his shoulders and raised his hand gently and made a snap of his fingers. When he saw two white lights suddenly holding up two birds, he quickly swept away their water droplets and dust. In an instant, the two birds became as clean and noble as when they first appeared, and they spread their wings and flew into the air.
Patches of curly red feathers fell beside Mark Gong and floated slowly in the water to see Mark Gong. He gently dialed the surface of the water to make the water lines around him even wider. He smiled and cocked his head. But I can also cheat.
Ah, the fierce green sun didn’t react, but I heard a light footsteps ringing behind me, and a curl of plain color suddenly brushed my eyes and pupils.
Destroy the surging billows and stand up straight with cold eyes to see that group of plain clothes women surround the mark, and in an instant, they stand beside their master like flowers on both sides, and the mark is loose and covered with a pale golden robe embroidered with long white plum blossom hair, but it is instantly squeezed out and dragged behind them submissively.
Mark Gong stepped barefoot on the ground but didn’t touch a trace of flower dust. There were more than a dozen beauties around him. In front of two teenagers, he backhand held down his side neck and smiled. I just didn’t go. Can you endure me?
Although it’s a warm tone of magnetic sound, it’s like making a search. It’s like relying on words. You are a child.
Destroying Cang Lan is a faster way to stop the fierce Qingyang Road. Is this strange breath of human nature?
But fierce Qingyang just said bitterly, see out Cang Lan bent down to twist up a piece of thin red feather and turned back and forth to raise Ivylinna Lee’s eyes to see the mark coldly.
You said that these birds are the origin of those Tsing Yi killers. I think those killers are transformed from this feather. Destroy Cang Lan and sweep the feather gently over the nose, just like smelling the fragrance. Just now, I saw that these feathers can draw tiny green shadows, just like those Tsing Yi killers do when their bodies move.
Oh, Mark leans slightly and looks carefully at those shaking red pupils. There are two pieces of black light in those pupils as if they were hidden in the abyss. Your eyes will produce a lot of energy and stare people uneasy like the wind.
Destroy Cang Lan and throw the feather in the tunnel with a smile and a crooked head. Although you two are just here, I can’t force you because you are a master. I have already made up my mind to meet the master in the misty rain on the balcony and see what the killer man who can block the speed of the fog in the underworld looks like. This wish has already ended.
He pointed to the cold path of the flying birds hovering overhead. I want a lot of trouble to send this feather killer.
Fierce Qingyang didn’t get in a word, but she was about to be destroyed. Cang Lan directly pulled a turn and leaned over to stumble and follow the way.
Destroy the surging billows and pull the fierce Qingyang all the way and never look back. Of course, it’s away from here.
In this way, the fierce Qingyang took a deep breath and frowned and spat, saying that it’s a good mark that such a child’s mind can actually be in charge of the misty rain on the first floor of China’s three main doors.
Calm down. He’s a weirdo. If you get angry with him, he won’t feel the surging billows. Then he turned back and smiled. Suddenly, he frowned lightly. He murmured in Yu’s mouth, and even blinked in confusion.
Destroy the surging billows and feel some vibrations in the gv 10. Those magical charms suspended in the gv 10 have a slight vibration. It seems that some kind of strange feeling has accumulated from entering the misty rain on the balcony and turned into a bit of strange qi floating.