I will be afraid to destroy Cang Lan and hum a smile. The bloody Changfeng has already blown away. There is a strong fighting spirit in his young heart. I just did what you just did in your body.

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Shen Xin held the beads in his hand tightly, gritted his teeth, and slowly retreated back to destroy Cang Lan. Now there are still many people in the underworld. If you fight with me, you can’t take advantage of it.
I don’t want to take advantage of the surging billows and suddenly put my hands on my sides, and a slightly synthesized cross-shaped red light flashed across my chest. I just want your life.
Don’t worry, cry out, see the surging billows disappear, and the arrow suddenly rushes to carry a strong spirit. Before people arrive, the cold wind has swept through Shen Xin’s heart, knowing that surging billows have been completely transformed, and its strength is unknown, and its deep roots are unpredictable. I dare not stand up straight, but I am busy stepping on the steps and desperately trying to avoid it.
Shen Xin’s six-level brother’s method is worth destroying Cang Lan’s wind-like figure. He has been destroyed by Cang Lan’s face without retreating a few steps, but the bloody claws suddenly hit and the pain immediately tore in his face.
Ah, Shen Xin hurriedly bent down in the worst posture to hide from the surging billows. He wanted to quickly brush over the side of the surging billows to avoid the surging billows, but immediately turned around and whisked him away and grabbed Shen Xin’s collar, dragging him up and picking up a rope that rolled more than one.
Well, Shen Xin felt his throat smothering and blocked his face, and he rose to purple. He desperately grabbed out Cang Lan and grabbed his breath from the back of his neck.
Violet is ruined and destroyed. Canglan sneers at the demon’s call to blow coldly in Shen Xin’s ear to keep you such an owl.
The lotus flower in Cang Lan’s hand suddenly splashed, and every broken light was sharp and energetic. But at this time, Shen Xin was bent on survival. Regardless of raising the pearl in his hand high, he hit it back with his strength and smashed it with the boulder, and Cang Lan’s arm was destroyed. The bead seemed to be hit by the boulder, and he was caught off guard. He couldn’t help but let go of his hand.
Shen Xinran really wants to live, regardless of everything, and hurriedly throws out Cang Lan’s hand and rolls forward to the ground for several weeks. From the range of destroying Cang Lan’s offensive, it is full of burning fire. Shen Xin’s roll is swallowed by several flames, and he immediately jumps around screaming and desperately slams himself into flames.
Destroy the surging billows, cover the bead collision, collapse and blood stains, step back with your right hand, and feel that the meridians are oscillating constantly. This is not because the bead is hard and abnormal, but because the strength of the bead is deep and unpredictable, and even your own body can’t stop it.
See Shen Xin very easy to beat to the flame, a handsome boy became totally embarassed is very funny, he repeatedly coughed and hugged the bead, but when he found something, he held it in front of him.
Destroying Cang Lan also looked up and saw that the beads were entangled in blood fog, and the layers were sucked in as if they were swallowed up by the beads. At the same time, the white beads on the moon became more and more vibrating, and large pieces of fine brilliance were constantly dispersed.
This is Shen Xin hugging the bead and sticking it to his chest, as if he felt a long shock like a behemoth waking up, and suddenly shouted that this force is me and me.
Destroy the surging billows and stare at Shen Xin frantically. I feel that the blood fog is a collision just now, and it seems to be a wake-up potential. I don’t know how to inspire the pearl power.
How do I actually help him in a fog? Destroy Cang Lan with a wry smile and a big dream-like chaos. Suddenly, in my heart, I annihilate Cang Lan and gather up a murderous look to raise my hand and pinch my finger. Shen Xin also saw that I annihilate Cang Lan and resume the offensive, holding Zhu Leng Mei.
Thank you very much just now. Shen Xin glanced behind him and turned to sneer. You have helped me a lot. You are really broad-minded
Cut the crap, put out Cang Lan, raise eyebrows and drink coldly. No matter what happens to that bead, leave me this life.
I’m afraid you can’t take my life. Shen Xin touched the beads in his hand with great care and strangeness, and suddenly stepped back and flew back.
Destroy Cang Lan see Shen Xin swept back high behind him, burning and collapsing more than one layer of buildings. Don’t think about it. Immediately climb up and chase the oncoming fire. Destroy Cang Lan see Shen Xin’s strange smile, like purgatory. Hold on to the bead and soar all the way back, regardless of hitting pieces of broken bricks and tiles.
What’s the matter? Destroy Cang Lan’s heart and feel different. Suddenly, I saw Shen Xin’s posture of his six-level brother has been transported to the limit, and behind him is the highest building in Qinglian Sect.
Listen to a burst of fire explosion, and the beads in Shen Xin’s hand send a mass of light like consciousness to protect Shen Xin in one of them. The moon white Guanghua whirls around the flying lattice, and the highest point of Shen Xinyue plunges into the burning ruins.
Destroy Cang Lan’s heart was taken aback to see a burst of smashed bricks and tiles rising into the sky and struggling to support the building skeleton. Immediately, it collapsed into the middle, and it was also trapped in the fire. Destroy Cang Lan was constantly smashed by the bricks and tiles in all directions, and the flames in front of him flew and the roots could not see clearly that Shen Xin was there.
What’s this bastard’s trick? Destroy Cang Lan’s hands and stand across his body. The mysterious bead in his right arm hurts and hurts. That bead can make himself feel different. It doesn’t take a moment to hesitate. This large piece of building debris has been buried and destroyed. Don’t trace Shen Xin’s high altitude to meet two huge columns and fly to Tianyu.
There was a loud bang, and the surging billows crashed into two columns. Seeing that the broken columns were even more broken into several sections, they crashed into a building skeleton and smashed to pieces. At the foot of the surging billows, high smoke was piled up in the ruins.
I don’t know if Shen Xin’s sight was buried in this ruin, but just now, the pearly splendor seemed to be a very strong protective force to destroy Cang Lan, and I couldn’t help but guess with great reluctance that Shen Xincheng had got away.
The pearl’s extraordinary strength fell into the hands of an asshole like Shen Xin, and the surging billows fell in the wind and stood high in the ruins. People gnashed their teeth and thought, Shen Xin, one day I will personally let you repay everything.
Destroy Cang Lan severely stepped on the ruins, and several pieces of broken tiles collapsed. Smoke rushed to the night around the teenager, and the mixed light of blood and fire had melted in the sky. Wan Li was all dead, and the smoke was extinguished. Cang Lan stood in the bloody cold wind and lost his mind for a while.
Forget it. Let’s go and see if no one is alive yet. The more gloomy I am, the more gloomy I am. I want to see that Violet has completely turned into a death.
God knows his brothers destroyed Cang Lan and spat bitterly at this with a wry smile. I also want to personally seek revenge against you and falsely accuse me, but it turns out to be so over, huh?
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Destroy Cang Lan Meng Dun’s figure to draw a flying smoke and rush two steps to turn up the body tentacles are soft. The body seems to have been smoked with bones and a pile of rotten flesh and blood piled up on the ground. Destroy Cang Lan regardless of his sticky hands and turn over the body’s anxious face.
Seeing the golden night, the lips and teeth are so big that they seem to be frozen and dying. A blood hole is shocking, and the darkness is straight through the head, but a trace of brains seems to have been sucked off.
What is this means to destroy Cang Lan so cruelly? It is known that the golden night death method is that the whole body bones and brains are sucked out. It seems that quite scary people in the underworld hold this exciting method of killing people.
A deep sigh destroys Cang Lan’s hatred for the golden night, and I think of the body in my hand. In the past, it was also a natural and unrestrained road, but it was also a lonely soul and a wild ghost.
What would the underworld do to violet zong’s hand, destroy Cang Lan, and release the golden night’s corpse to see the corpse mountain spread? The place where he went was that the temple of heaven was in a blaze, and the skeleton of the temple of heaven was blackened. The temple of heaven was still standing dead but not stiff, and the giant wood pointed at innocence, like asking questions about heaven’s tears of blood.
The distance from the candlestick temple is far away, but it has been sensitively sensed that the gas is moving with a heavy but endless murderous look, killing each other in the distance and the candlestick temple merged into a bloody Wang Yang.
People also destroyed Cang Lan’s heart and immediately launched a posture with heavy blood fog. In an instant, they rushed into the fire outside the candlestick temple, but they saw that the candlestick temple had already paid for its past honor and prestige, and there were crumbling brick columns everywhere, which seemed to collapse at any time and buried everything.
I was just about to move forward to ask the Heaven Temple for a long time, drink and live through the heavy fire and smoke, and see an ice-blue storm rising from the ground and getting heavier. The hall is teetering, but it thunders and rushes straight into the night, tearing a crack in the depths of darkness.
That’s when God doesn’t know how to destroy Cang Lan. God doesn’t know when he is busy in the temple. He rushes straight into the front of his eyes, flying smoke and broken tiles, and suddenly rushes into the candlestick temple.
I didn’t open my eyes and look at it. I felt that the true qi was raging, and the respiratory consciousness was swept away and suppressed. My eyes opened a crack and saw that Huaguang was foaming at the mouth, and a column of light was connected to the sky like a dragon. From the night crack, several flashes flashed, one by one, and two strong gas twisted into a violent tornado storm.
The earth pulls out surging billows, but it sinks in the front of the abdomen and takes a step to recruit him at any time. In front of him is an ice blue storm center, a figure looms and flies wildly, as if to be shattered by the storm itself at any time.
I don’t know how to destroy Cang Lan’s eyebrows and drink evil spirits, but the sound goes straight through the middle ear and hits my heart. I see the figure in the center of the light. I don’t know how to shake my face, and my face is slowly full of surprise, still glaring in the blood.
I don’t know how you can’t die when you see Shura climbing into hell.
Now is not the time to care about personal vendetta. Destroy Cang Lan’s heart and see the patriarch here. Although he is not bent on cultivating people, it is the soul of Qinglian Zong who is rushing over. He stood side by side and survived this disaster. Do you want to kill me or do I want you to kill us?