Now, Geer is trying to keep his steps as light as possible so that they don’t appear so big in this silence. She gently knocked on the door of Lei Yu’s office, and his voice came in. Geer slowly pushed the door, but sitting at his desk, Lei Yu threw a document in front of her without looking up, and immediately checked the data again. It’s me, Geer said. Obviously, Lei Yu didn’t know it was Geer. He must be Selena who came back from dinner.

Hearing Geer’s voice, Lei Yucai looked up and gave her a look, but he immediately turned his eyes back to the file. Why are you here? His voice was cold, just like talking to a stranger. Geer, although he is a little bit attitude towards Lei Yu now, replied with pressure, you didn’t go back last night. I came to see you. What if I didn’t go back all night? Isn’t it normal for Lei Yu to stare at her? Now the company is very busy, and I may have to work overtime and not go home after.
Why does he talk like this? It’s like she’s a different person. She just came here because she didn’t cause him any trouble. She also chose to come at noon when everyone was eating, but he actually had this attitude. Oh, I know that Geer’s worry has become wronged now, so I won’t come here later. After that, she will turn away, but Lei Yu stopped her behind her.
But in my heart, I was unwilling to scold myself why I had to listen to him. I just strode away, but my legs were waiting for him as if I didn’t have the strength. Lei Yu looked at his wrist watch and went to the door and locked the door. It took me twenty minutes to get to work. Why didn’t Bai Lei Yu say this? He didn’t understand why he had to lock the door until Lei Yu approached her and kissed her lips. At the same time, Rieger reached into her beige spring dress and understood the meaning of quick victory.
She struggled to escape and kissed him, saying that no one would come back. Although her lips had escaped from his invasion, the black tight-fitting warm pants were faded to her knees by his big hand. Don’t refuse. Greer Leiyu reached out to her belt as she spoke. With his big hand, he took Greer in his arms to one side of the sofa and let her sit on her legs. The feeling of being invaded when she was not ready made Greer frown slightly and hurt her, she gently shouted.
Because her voice didn’t move, she hugged her tightly and whispered in her ear, "Geer, I have been resting last night, and now I’m very tired. You can relieve my fatigue. No, Geer blushed and whispered," I don’t know how many women have done this sofa. You are jealous. Then I asked them to change the sofa. Where did the curtain carpet desk change? Uh, Geer?
Lei Yu gently called her and put her hand on her waist to encourage her to sway slowly. As soon as the bell rang, Selena walked into Lei Yu’s office with coffee. She deliberately stopped before entering the door and took a deep breath. I don’t know why Chairman Lei has a bad temper today. I don’t know how many times he scolded her today. If a new person had been scolded by him, he might have run away. Selena, the chairman, gently put the coffee at Lei Yu’s hand.
Chapter 115 Han Lu
By the way, Selena Lei Yu put a document on the desktop. You go and proofread this document again. Selena took it after a slight surprise. It’s not urgent for me to do it this afternoon. The rest will wait. The project is not in a hurry. You have been busy with that investment project for several days. Just relax yourself after proofreading the document this afternoon. I’m going there later. You can also go first.
Ah, good Selena walked out with the file, but her heart was very restless. This afternoon, it was still hot. Why was the chairman so gentle and smiled so brightly at her? She took the wrong medicine, but of course she didn’t dare to say these words in front of Lei Yu. The winter vacation was always so short. After the fifteenth school, one famous car after another filed into the campus, and among them, several car families were still in a good position. Although Lei Yu said that she wanted to rely on her driver’s license, she still walked slowly and leisurely on the campus mall with a new lesson.
It’s impossible for her best friend not to say that she is beside her. Of course, she was with her little boyfriend when we met again. Geer was wearing an ordinary sweatshirt and jeans, and she smelled of youth. When she walked through the school gate, a black car blocked her way. She cocked her head in disbelief and seemed to want to see the people in the car. After seeing the people, Geer’s face showed signs of unhappiness. She was about to go around the car, but the man grabbed her hand. Can we talk about it? Geer dumped her hand. I’m sorry, I don’t recognize us.
After that, Geer was going to continue walking, but the man stopped her again. It was a friend’s birthday that day. I had a drink before I said that. Shao Haiger turned around and said harshly, Anyway, let’s just forget we met. You can get engaged on the waters. Geer, you know I’m a girl like you. How can I interrupt him and tell you that I am Lei Yu toy? I just came with him because of Lei Yu’s money. How can I leave him? Shao Hai said firmly.
Geer was surprised by his answer. What happened to this man? She told her that she was such a person. Now he still wants to tell her that she is leaving him. Geer Shaohai said softly that she wants you to leave him. I am willing to care about nothing, but I care if you will marry me. Yes, I will give up your inheritance. Geer will not forget that she was insulted in Shao’s family. She still heard Shao Hai’s words. He was slightly stunned. He didn’t expect Geer to ask this question.
When he was dumbfounded and didn’t know how to answer, Geer walked past him with a sneer, so would Lei Yu marry you? Shao Hai asked Geer to turn to Shao Hai and spit a word seriously. After that, she proudly walked away from his famous car with her head held high. Lei Yu said that she would marry her, and Geer also found that although Lei Yu never said that she loved her, she could vaguely feel that Lei Yu was her. One day, she Hao Ge would be the bride of Lei Yu.
The banquet hall of the hotel is decorated with exquisite red wine, beautiful flowers and beautiful snacks. The shuttle period is for the directors of Lei’s group to attend the event. Today is the annual gathering of Lei and the leading employees. It’s really an equal day. Even the director of the second department is wearing a beautiful skirt and holding a glass of wine to Lei Yuji. Some employees and children are sitting at a small table next to them, munching on snacks and taking a mouthful of cream. No one will say a word about them.
There are so many people that no one will pay attention to a man with no special body beside the tall red wine tower. The man was dressed in an ordinary dark suit and looked around. He spilled a little powder from his suit pocket and spilled it in two red wine glasses. Soon, the powder dissolved in the wine, and he didn’t see anything unusual at all. After doing these things, he didn’t leave here, but slowly drank the wine next to the wine glass where the medicine was put. An old man came up to him and some others politely praised Director Han for being nice to the old man.
Ah, ah, good, have fun tonight, the old man replied. Finally, the old man came to the man’s side. He patted the man on the shoulder and said, Tang, this year, we must work hard to get promoted to the department early. You must be a Tang man. He replied with a smile that his uncle is still in good health. Do you think about going back to the company class this year? After a few hearty smiles, the old man replied, I am at ease.
My daughter is still worried that this person is Han Lu’s father. Han Fu continued, "Did I ask you to get things done? I’ll give you the report when it’s done. That’s good. Han Fu smiled and looked in the direction of Lei Yu, who was dressed up with Han Lu at the gate. I don’t know what to say. The young waiter of the hotel came to get the wine at this time. After putting a few glasses of red wine on the tray, he slowly walked towards the field in a standard posture."
Tang approached the waiter and said to me gently, and he took the lead in walking in the direction of Lei Yu Han Lu. What’s the matter with Chairman Han? Tang said, he handed two glasses of wine to them from the waiter who followed him. Han Lu smiled and took the wine and said, it’s good for my cousin to call my name on such an occasion. It’s not an outsider. How dare Tang push another glass in front of Lei Yu again? Otherwise, I’m trying to curry favor with you.
It’s not good for Lei Yu to refuse. I can take the glass and gently sip it. Ok, you can chat. Tang doesn’t say much. What you high-level officials say is confidential. I, a small clerk, just eat and drink well.
Chapter 116 Banquet
Then he strode away. Han Lu looked at him and smiled and said to Lei Yu, my cousin, to tell the truth, I can’t do anything big enough. Lei Yu smiled but didn’t say anything. Han Lu looked at the staff who brought his girlfriend or wife to the venue and asked why you didn’t bring Hao Geer. Lei Yu took a sip of wine and said that I was busy today. I didn’t even have time to go home and change.
What about you? Didn’t you ask Tianjie out? Why did I ask him out? When it comes to that man, Han Lu is gone. She took a sip of her glass in her hand. In Japan, that man did a lot of things to her. Although she was a little drunk at that time, how could she forget that feeling? Similarly, how could she forget which man did it? Han Lu blushed and didn’t know what wine she had just drunk. How did she feel so hot for a while?
Han Lu put the glass aside on the desktop and said to Lei Yu, "I’m not comfortable with that man. I’m going to blow the breeze first." Then she strode away from the venue. Lei Yu rubbed her eyebrows. Maybe it was these days. The investment case was too hard and she went a little drunk. I felt that Lei Yu went to the vice president who was not far from her. Let him make a motivational speech for a while. Now Han Lu is gone. He also wants to go back to rest first, so he can go.
After all the arrangements were made, Lei Yu also put his glass in his hand and walked behind him. A plot had already been arranged quietly in Tang Dynasty. The two protagonists didn’t know it yet. The parking lot was dark and quiet. At such a time, few people came in here. A tall figure walked unsteadily towards the BMW. He tossed his head and tried to shake off the dizziness in his head, but it seemed that he didn’t do it at all.
It seems that he can’t drive back now, so just sit in the car and have a rest. Just as he was about to open the car door, a series of steps behind him made him turn around warily. Suddenly, a piece of white body slowly fell to the ground when he turned around and looked at Lei Yu, who was unconscious. He smiled gently and said to his assistant behind him, You two put him up and pretended that he was drunk. Soon, the two men and horses behind him set up Lei Yu according to his words and followed him to the parking ladder to the seventeenth floor housekeeping department.
In the white double bed of the luxury hotel room, there is a woman in a gorgeous ceremony. Her eyes are tightly closed and her breathing is even as if she were asleep. Two men put Lei Yu’s body on the bed, and then look behind them. Tang said that Mr. Han didn’t take some pictures of them. You are crazy. Tang growled, so it can be really done. Lei Yu is not easy to get rid of. Although the two men are not content, they still followed Tang and left the room.
I don’t know how many times the bell rang and didn’t hang up. In that bell, Lei Yu frowned and opened his eyes in confusion. He leaned against a small head on his chest. He could gently call Doug, but before he finished his words, he sat up in a stress and exclaimed in surprise that Han Lu woke her up because he suddenly sat up and moved to lean against his chest. She blinked and looked at this strange place, and then her eyes turned to the man beside her.
At that moment, she also called Lei Yu in surprise. You just woke up in the guest room bed. A couple of men and women, Han Luma, bowed their heads and checked that their clothes were ok, but they were not taken off. What’s going on? The bell kept ringing. Lei Yu picked up the phone. Hey, Mr. Lei asked if you want to renew your room at 11: 50 noon. You don’t need to finish. He hung up severely.
The clerk said that Mr. Lei meant that this room was in his name, but he didn’t remember his room last night. He looked at Han Lu beside him and stared at him for a long time. Han Lucai said, I’ll go to you first, and then I’ll finish after ten minutes. She immediately ran into the bathroom, undressed her hair, and then quickly fled the door. Lei Yu sat in bed and rubbed her temples. What happened last night? Didn’t he go to the parking lot? Why did he come to the guest room again? And how did Han Lu get here?
Didn’t she leave first last night? It was white for a while in my memory, and I couldn’t afford such an event. Lei Yu looked at his watch and left Han Lu for fifteen minutes, so he should have gone. When Lei Yu took the ladder to the parking lot and asked for a car, he went straight home. After all, he didn’t go home for a night, so he had to go back to take a shower and change clothes. When his car drove into the parking lot, it seemed that several lights flashed by the window. He looked in the direction of the light doubtfully, but there was nothing strange.
The car drove steadily into the driveway. Lei Yucai suddenly said that the camera flashed just now. He didn’t estimate the mistake. It should be the camera spotlight. It seems that things are not coincidental and not so simple. The morning sun shines on the boulevard in campus A. The mottled sunshine falls on Geer’s quiet campus. It’s really beautiful. Hao Geer, wait behind you and shout loudly. Geer looks back and sees pure beauty striding towards himself.