God didn’t answer, because God couldn’t believe that Di said everything, and Di also felt it, so he changed the subject and asked, Why did you come here? Why did you go to the dark city to receive this hellish training?

What are you?
The night is very quiet, the dark scenery is shaking in the wind, and everything is so quiet.
Because I wanted to know how much I was worth, Di stole his sad eyes for a long time before saying that I was abandoned by my family and grew up in the garbage dump. When I was a little older, I knew my super powers, so I got up and wanted others to know that my value was not equal to garbage. Later, I met an old wave man. He asked me if my value was that much. Is it that you recognize your own value? He hit the nail on the head that my sadness became a street fighter, and my value was just in the street?
God didn’t expect Dee to believe in himself so much that he even told himself in the past, but in contrast, he didn’t believe Dee at all.
So I took to the street and joined the dark city training camp. I wanted to make myself a member of the Dark Corps and then become a team leader to realize my value. I wanted to let my abandoned family know that my value was not cocoa. I wanted them to regret abandoning me. I wanted everyone to look at me with reverence, not at wild dogs. I said with a wry smile that I had to become a member of the Dark Corps, otherwise I would be dead if I didn’t have a goal.
When God heard this, his heart suddenly felt like I was looking for myself in the past. After God said this, his body was not shaken. When I woke up, I found that I had lost my past memory. Since then, whenever I closed my eyes and it was dark, I always heard people calling me. I want to know who those who called me are. I also want to know who I am. I used to be a blind man. Shang told me to be at the top of the world, and those who knew me will naturally find me.
But at this point, God’s expression changed, saying that I was finally tricked here by the blind Shang, saying that I would become a leader in the Diablo Corps, so I could become famous. So he tricked me into coming here for hell training in the training camp, but no matter how horrible the training here is, I must be promoted to the captain alive, or I will die and become famous.
Then you and I are alike, murmured Di, and then asked, "Do you mean it?"
It seems that he said that he is one of the four captains of the Dark Corps, the inspector of the dark city of Shura Buddha.
More than that, De said with reverence that he is the strongest man in the dark country, and his so-called Buddha-level power is almost comparable to that of the world’s three strongest giants, that is, Xia Han, the head of the Dark Corps, is not an opponent of Shura Buddha, and he is greatly respected and worshipped by Chinese people in the dark country, and he is called Buddha because he has set up charities all over the country to help the poor and help others.
God suddenly found out that De would start to talk when he was still talking. Even if he was blind, it seemed that De was worshipping God. It was rare for God to see De talking so much, and he was embarrassed to interrupt him. So he listened to him patiently, but in this way, he moved on and told each other a lot, and they were no longer strangers like when they were just partners.
At this moment, several pairs of red eyes suddenly appeared in the dark forest, staring at De Shen in the tree hole.
I haven’t seen so many beasts and demons during the day, but now so many de stopped talking and looked at the forest approaching with footsteps and sneered at Chapter 21 Cloud news.
It doesn’t matter if you are hurt. God asked Di to smile. This sentence should be asked by me.
Then do it.
Two people release their superpowers and go to the tree hole to meet those beasts and monsters.
The night is silent but bloody, and the night is no longer dark.
Towering mountains and dangerous Sirius Valley Bunny came here carrying Kowloon through Yun Jian.
Rabbit thinks that he should come to Sirius Valley to find the falling clouds. According to the information he got before, Rabbit knew that the clouds fell on the cliff at Mengling base, so he found this base, which was already a pile of ruins, with half of the wreckage left and the other half falling into the cliff with the cliff breaking.
Looking at the ruins, the rabbit seemed to see the cloud falling. The rabbit stepped on the ruins and bricks and walked to the cliff. She couldn’t see the depth. The low cliff was dark. The rabbit was frightened at a glance. She couldn’t imagine that the cloud fell from here. Although the rabbit always believed that the cloud was still alive, now after seeing such a cliff, the rabbit’s letter collapsed. She had to compromise. She had to admit that the cloud was dead, which was the last thing she wanted to admit.
Rabbit shook her head to throw away the idea of admitting that Yun is dead. She shook her head desperately and said to herself that Brother Yun is still alive. He must be alive.
A birdsong attracted the rabbit’s sight. In the past, a big bird flew in the canyon, and there were two people sitting on the bird’s face. When the bird flew to the cliff, the rabbit was surprised and stared at the two people sitting on the big bird, the silver fox and the white fox.
Hi, little princess. Can I help you? Silver Fox jumped from the big bird to the cliff and smiled at the little rabbit.
Brother Silver Fox, why are you here and how do you know that Little Rabbit is here? Little Rabbit never thought that he would touch Silver Fox here, so he was surprised and didn’t know what to say. The good Silver Fox smiled at the little princess, but Wang Ji would help him immediately.
Brother Wang, don’t flatter yourself. White fox hummed a smile and took the rabbit’s hand and said, Princess, I’m my sister, White fox. I took care of the princess after we met for the first time.
Rabbit is not white. Rabbit suddenly feels dizzy and confused, and says, Stop calling me princess. I don’t even know what that means.
Because you are a white fox, you will say that the rabbit is Lei Shou’s own sister. Silver fox coughed a few times and interrupted White Fox’s speech. Then he said to the rabbit, Little Princess, we know that you are looking for Haiyun’s whereabouts now. Before Silver fox finished speaking, Little Rabbit anxiously asked you where Brother Yun is.
Don’t get excited, little princess. Listen to me slowly. Silver fox touched the rabbit’s long white hair and said with a smile. In fact, after Chen Yingfeng left the castle, I was afraid that you would be impatient. I always sent a small flying beast demon to watch over you and protect you. Because it can’t be said that this was an order from Lei Shou, it’s not surprising that Silver fox said something to the rabbit before he could say that he was against himself. I continued talking until you left the castle alone and flew all the way to protect it, and I immediately came over.
It’s too much to keep an eye on Bunny. Bunny said angrily, Silver Fox smiled. It’s also because of you. I’m your king. Of course, you should help me whenever and wherever you know that my princess is not in danger.
In addition, the silver fox’s expression has become a little serious. Sirius Valley is the border of the dark star in the terrane mountains and also the border of our orc country. Therefore, the battle of Sirius Valley has always been mastered by our beasts and demons. We know that the little princess will definitely want to find him after Haiyun’s disappearance, so she will definitely come to Sirius Valley to find clues.
After the silver fox arrives at the cloud, the rabbit doesn’t feel sad. The white fox holds the rabbit and says with a smile, Princess, we are here to accompany the princess to find Haiyun and be bodyguards and attendants.
Looking for Brother Yun, then you also believe that Brother Yun is not dead. Rabbit heard for the first time that everyone believed that Cloud was still alive, so he was happy to say that Silver Fox smiled, not believing, but making sure that we knew that Haiyun was not dead, and we could be sure that Haiyun was now in the position.
What a sudden news! The rabbit didn’t know how to react. He asked Brother Silver Fox if he didn’t cheat the rabbit.
Silver fox said seriously, after all, I met Haiyun. Of course, I won’t sit back and watch the beast demon return. After the battle of Sirius Valley, I learned that Haiyun fell off a cliff and fell into the underground. I sent the beast demon in the water to salvage it, thinking that it would be good to salvage the body, but in the end, I didn’t even find the body. I sent the beast demon to search the underground lake several times, but I didn’t find Haiyun’s body, which proved that Haiyun was still alive.
After hearing the news that Yun is still alive, the rabbit can’t help crying with a smile. It’s great that Brother Yun is still alive. It’s great that White Fox put his arms around the rabbit and let him cry.
After the rabbit calmed down, Silver Fox continued to talk, but the only connection between the underground and the ground is the dark country, and the lake is connected somewhere. I broke the sea cloud drifting from the underground and entered the dark country. He should be somewhere in the dark country now.
So let’s go to the dark country to find brother Yun. Rabbit is so excited that he can’t fly to the dark country at once, but Silver Fox said that the little princess had better not hold her hopes too high. The dark country is so big that we may not find Haiyun, and maybe Haiyun is on the way back to Xingguo now.
What should I do? Rabbit wants to go to Brother Yun and then look for Brother Feng. Rabbit doesn’t want to go back to the castle. Rabbit is a little scared at the thought of the stars, because Rabbit thinks the stars are becoming terrible now. Silver Fox Nai said, then I will send a small beast demon to monitor the news of a sea cloud near the castle and report immediately, and I, White Fox, will accompany the little princess to the dark country to look for a sea cloud. I don’t know what the little princess means.
Well, if we don’t go back to the castle, a hundred rabbits will be willing to nod and say, then let’s go to the dark country now and don’t call it bunny princess again
No, Silver Fox said with a smile, Don’t let us call you Little Princess, then we won’t take you to Haiyun.
Ok, ok, we agreed to take Bunny to Brother Yun.
Yes, yes, princess. Let’s go now. Silver Fox smiled at the little rabbit, which was naive and simple, and then helped the little rabbit to sit on the big bird’s back. Silver Fox ordered the big bird to fly to the dark country.