Meng Fei’s previous punch has completely obliterated them.

The patriarch of Dongchen looked at this scene and his eyebrows were instantly wrinkled, but he hesitated slightly or remained silent.
Zhang Yun’s mouth was full of despair. When the patriarch suddenly appeared, he knew that he had been defeated today.
Sensing the madness of Meng Fei from the rear, his eyes gradually showed madness.
Blood and rain, you ruined everything for the old lady. Even if I die, I will pull you with me. In the roar, he suddenly turned around and a violent breath burst out from his body.
Dong Chen’s patriarch’s face turned low, and he shouted, "Dong Chen’s practice is fast, and his voice has not fallen." He has already joined hands with three elders behind him to bind Zhang Yun’s explosive power in the surrounding town of Buffon.
A moment of earth-shattering noise came, followed by the overwhelming fury of Jin Lingli, which wreaked havoc and strangled everything in the enveloped area, releasing a horrible breath.
And Meng Fei figure was swallowed up by this golden frenzy.
The three elders of Dongchen Patriarch tried to resist the cold color in the eyes of the four people. They borrowed Meng Fei’s hand to kill Zhang Yun, but they didn’t like him either. It would be better to take this opportunity to let the two of them be together.
In the scope of Jin Zhen Jun’s explosive power, even if this Meng Fei is immortal, it will inevitably end up in a heavy field, and then it will be the chopping block and the fish will be held by them
This pair is perfect for them.
The faces of the sailing ship alchemist Hailin Yufei and others are tense at the same time. Their interest rates in Meng Fei are similar today. I am afraid that no one can end up in a caravan.
And in terms of kindness, none of them wants Meng Fei.
Ravaged Jin Lingli turned into a piece of Wang Yang, and when it continued for a moment, it slowly dispersed, and a vague figure gradually appeared in the eyes of all.
Meng Fei covered his eyes with his hands, and his robe was broken, but the rags did not fall because of the magic attraction. The fine wounds were all over every inch of his body, but there was not a drop of blood in this wound.
His back is still straight, and now he slowly falls into the palm of his hand, and the fine wound heals at an amazing speed, but he has recovered in just a few breaths, except that he looks a little pale and seems to be unharmed.
The three elders of Dongchen Patriarch had a huge earthquake in their hearts. At the same time, they put out the idea of leaving Meng Fei.
Zhang Yun’s explosion of terror will hit him hard. Even if they join hands, they may not be able to make achievements and cultivate terror. This shows that.
They don’t want to take the old road of Zhang Yun and make enemies with blood and rain, otherwise the last Dongchen Sect will even get into big trouble.
Thanks to the blood and rain, Daoyou helped Zong eradicate Zhang Yun, the scum of the clan, and Dong Chen, the patriarch, smiled and said a word, and Meng Fei’s hand-killing of Zhang Yun made a final conclusion and expressed his position.
Meng Fei Bai, these people may not be well-intentioned. If he is seriously injured by Zhang Chong today, it may be another face.
His eyes swept away in a few people, saying that the patriarch of Dongchen had stressed that it would not be difficult for him if Zhang Yun didn’t know how to advance and retreat. He was telling several people of Dongchen that he didn’t continue to cause trouble. I hope this matter is revealed
Patriarch Dongchen smiled and nodded, saying, "Friends of Blood and Rain will surely get along well with this matter." In addition, I would like to take 300,000 crystal to supplement the Soochow caravan to make up for my fault of Dongchen Sect and return it to Daoyou.
Meng Fei nodded. If he doesn’t, he’ll be in trouble.
But see Meng Fei simply Dong Chen patriarch’s face smile is heavier. He raised his hand, but he probably trained his hand to hold the white-faced Z Ryan beside him and directly escorted him to Tiandao.
Judging from this Z Ryan way of doing things, I’m afraid I didn’t provoke my enemy less on weekdays. Even if I’m not dead now, I’m afraid I won’t live long.
Dear Taoist friends, I apologize to you for today’s incident. Don’t be disappointed in my Dongchen Sect because of a few practices in my Dongchen Sect.
Zong hereby assures everyone that after that, my Dongchen Sect will move Zongmen’s station to Tiandao, which will become the most stable and safest island in the dead sea area, and welcome the caravan business group to stop practicing here.
Later, similar things happened, and Zongding will never treat it lightly like this today. This rhetoric obviously saved a lot of face for Dongchen Zong, and many caravan practitioners nodded and slowed down.
When Dong Chenri saw it, his face showed satisfaction and he turned to Meng Fei Daoyu Daoyou. I don’t know if it’s okay to have a drink together. Let me thank Daoyou for what you did today.
It’s also inconvenient to stay in the patriarch’s kindness. I appreciate Meng Fei’s light mouth. Although this matter has been solved, he really lacks affection for Dong Chenzong’s practice.
Dong Chenri doesn’t just smile and nod straight. If Meng Fei has the opportunity to come to Tiandao again, he will definitely give a VIP ceremony and exchange a few commonplaces accordingly. He just hurried back to Tiandao with several elders.
Although Zhang Yun is dead, he is deeply rooted in Tiandao, and his forces are intertwined. They need to connect all this in the shortest time, and Tiandao is in chaos and turmoil.