He sighed.

Yan dan knows very well in his heart that just because someone picked up this doesn’t mean that Yunmingyuan really came back. It is possible that a new monk saw this reward and took it.
In fact, he has no hope in his heart.
"Gao Jing, are you back?" When yan dan was thinking, he saw that the monk was picked up and suddenly came out.
Yan dan also looked at the past
Gao Jing is one of the five of them who stayed in the trial place for the longest time, the younger generation of refiners.
Now Gao Jing, Qi Tianxing, Cai Feng and Qin Zhuo have all been able to take charge of themselves. When Gao Jing and Cai Feng were refining to deal with the Zerg multiplier, they also took on new people, and Qin Zhuo has become the head of the management system. yan dan handed over the unified management to Qin Zhuo.
Recently, Qin Zhuo didn’t know what he was working on, and yan dan hadn’t seen it for a long time.
JiTianXing is followed by other refining division for new weapons research.
Except few people know the name Qin Zhuo, everyone else has become the best among the younger generation.
Yan dan looked up at the past.
Because of Yunmingyuan, he and Gao Jing are known each other.
But I’m not very familiar with it
He doesn’t think Gao Jing is looking for himself.
There are a lot of refiners present, and Gao Jing will definitely meet some zerg when they go out to patrol. This time, maybe they will also bring back some zerg bodies.
He didn’t expect to see two acquaintances behind Gao Jing.
No, they are chanting who Yun Mingyuan is.
"Uncle Yan, I brought Brother Yun and Master Han Dan back!" Gao Jing met yan dan and immediately told yan dan about it with a smile.
He’s not the contribution point given by the elder yan dan-of course, he doesn’t mind an extra income if the elder hasn’t forgotten the contribution point.
Of course, even if yan dan wants to give him some contributions, he will hand them over to Brother Yun and Master Han Dan.
"Cloud nephew? Teacher Han? " Yan dan almost didn’t respond to come over and say it with a somewhat erratic.
This is really …
I cann’t believe such a thing will happen again
It never occurred to him that people who had been missing for five years actually appeared in front of him alive and kicking.
However, when Gao Jing didn’t respond to yan dan, he continued to announce that he had just learned the news. "And Brother Yun has also found a way to refine weapons against zerg!"
If it was said that Yun Mingyuan was not enough to shock everyone in the place, now everyone has seen it.
After five years of research, they have not found out any weapons that can effectively deal with the Zerg.
Now Gao Jing found such a weapon with one mouth?
They are all interested.
If it is normal, they know that the person who has found such a way is a young man, maybe they can’t help but have some thoughts in their hearts.
But now, no matter who wants someone to come up with a plan to deal with the Zerg, everyone will closely protect him.
Such talents are not common!
Their eyes are so eager that they can’t be ignored.
Yunmingyuan and Han Xiumo were all seen together and got a fright.
Chapter 646 New weapons
The alchemists don’t have any different opinions about the refiner.
These tents are all refined by refiners.
They all had a good time in these tents.
When dividing Dan medicine at ordinary times, I didn’t deliberately target the refiners.
They are just unfamiliar with the refiner.
The strangest thing in the trial is the group of refiners.
They spent the whole day with a group of people, cooking day and night, but they couldn’t come up with anything to deal with the zerg.