Liu Sunseeker took back her Yu Guangya’s guilt somehow, as if she were going to meet an adulterer and then her husband saw her in the back.

Yeah, yeah, paranoid. Stop, stop.
The population market is really chaotic, the ground is dirty, some unkempt people get together, and some people are driven like animals without any clothes.
Those people look numb one by one. Some people look at the sky hard, but they don’t pray to God. If they are so naive and kind, how can they get to this point? It’s all life.
But it’s much better after walking inside.
At least those slaves were dressed in linen and tied with ropes. Anyway, they lived a life worse than pigs and dogs.
Xuanyuan winds looked at all this and felt an anger that seemed to envelop the whole people.
"Do you know who owns this population market? Does it belong to princess royal?" A girl’s voice rang in his ear.
Xuanyuan winds surprised to look back for a moment when he was a fox.
Well, but how can a fox be a girl? Illusion, illusion.
He frowned at the young lady of the Liu family who spoke to the woman.
Xuanyuan winds cocked his head. "You are talking to me."
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Chapter 164 Young! Health! !
Liu Xixi rolled his eyes at night. Am I not talking to you? Am I talking to a ghost?
However, she can’t stand the man’s sadness, and it’s really too rare to be loyal to the country and the people. The most important thing is, how can she miss meow if she can add trouble to princess royal?
Liu Sunseeker smiled cunningly with his head sideways at night. "Now there are so many victims, so many robbers are fooling around. Why did you rob this population market? That’s nothing to do. It’s really pitiful. princess royal sent her favorite to watch over the old thing in the market at this time. I like not to grow into a young girl. If I were a man, I would go and bury it in his toilet and blow his ass up. Please search & the website is the latest and fastest."
Liu Sunseeker became more and more excited when he said it later. Suddenly, he found that Xuanyuan’s expression was getting more and more wonderful, and he realized what he had said. Ah, it was too high to get carried away.
LiuXi night quickly pull the hood to some turn round and then walk.
She didn’t notice the icy eyes behind her. Emperor Phoenix Night’s slender and beautiful fingers rubbed his nose. Well, isn’t it too light for that bastard to copy? He should have his fingers broken
But when he slowly followed Liu Xixi into the depths of the population market, he felt even more worried.
His beloved princess actually settled in front of a teenager with a demon face.
Emperor Feng night glared at the boy discontentedly. Did he look good? Did he look good?
Bai Low explained to Mo next to him, "Although he is not as good-looking as my emperor, he is younger."
After that, Bai You looked at the boy and finally concluded that "the face is really rosy and looks healthy"
Young and healthy, young and healthy.
"White" emperor phoenix night tunnel
Bai inexplicably came over and bowed down. "The temple has orders."
Emperor phoenix night faint tunnel "I suddenly feel that the golden lotus pond in the house is too small, and the queen mother and father will come to enjoy it, and I’m going to double it."
Bai is puzzling. "The emperor is right."
Emperor Feng looked at him at night and revealed an unfathomable smile. "Then go back and dig now. I think it is most appropriate for you to dig in person."
Bai touched his head inexplicably. He was destined to dig a big pond by himself.
White bitter face ran back to full head big sweat.
Hiding in the shadows without trace, hiding from the emperor is jealous. The situation is very serious. Hide as far as you can.
Emperor phoenix night sighed sadly and continued to look at his queen with cold eyes flirting with teenagers.
In fact, it was not Liu Xixi who molested her at night, but carefully looked at the young armpits and feet.
Emperor Feng was so angry at night that she put her hands on both sides tightly and loosely. How can a girl be in such a private place?
Damn it, fox hasn’t even seen the emperor yet.
The emperor stayed up all night thinking about whether to bask in the sun more, such as bronzing, so as to look younger and healthier.
In the evening of Liu Xi, "the heavenly king covers the earth and tigers"
Her lowland boy gave the sign boy the face of the demon "River Demon in Baota Town".
"No.2" Liu Xixi smiles at night as if the decryption game was fun. She really saw it at a glance because there is nothing better here than him.
Just then, I heard a strange laugh, "Ah, ha, ha, ha, let me find a beauty."
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Chapter 165 My brother is so cruel
Say that finish a chubby roll waddled to come over.
Followed by a high-spirited humanitarian "don’t let the four temples come"