Qiuyuan hey hey smiled. "I will be fine with the help of Chanel and Gengar."

Then he secretly walked along the edge of the small dense forest under the cover of ghost in Gengar to find a private entrance in the composition.
With Gengar’s ability to cover Qiu Yuan, it is impossible for anyone to find him in this dark night if he is not worried about being found.
Find the entrance. It’s a manhole cover. The iron fence door blocks the vertical hole. It’s a little …
Kind of like a vent!
This is what you call a private entrance?
Come out and explain one?
Qiu Yuan’s expression at the moment looks like a Japanese German shepherd, and his face is a little autistic.
He’s sure there must be a big fan on this side to make him jump and click.
The legs will be numb.
"Gengar" Chou Yuan took a look at Gengar.
Gengar took a look at Qiuyuan.
Very confused and koo
"You go and take down the fan for me and put it in your small pocket."
"Whoo-hoo?" Gengar stare big eyes and asked again "blare? Haha? "
What did you say?/Sorry? ——
I can’t hear you clearly! ——
"Don’t give me a calf and go quickly. No, then there’s nothing to eat!"
"Woo ha! Whoa, whoa, whoa! (no, no, no! I’ll go to my horse! )”
Gengar immediately got into the vent as soon as he heard that Qiuyuan was going to skimp on his food.
After slipping in the vent, Gengar felt a suction, and then the whole person, ah, no, the whole ghost was sucked and flew in
Geng ghost screamed and was sucked away by the fan, but it sounded like a happy cry.
After seeing the fan, it smiled and controlled its body to resist the suction of the fan, and then found it around the fan.
Seeing a thread, Gengar dug his head and thought that this thing should be able to make the fan turn, so he took down the fan belt and put it in his treasure bag happily.
Is preparing to fly back to find Qiu Yuan? Gengar suddenly stopped and said to himself, "Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-ha (is there still room to look for it?)"
I went all the way along the ventilation duct to Gengar, but I couldn’t find any other small fans.
Depressed, Gengar appeared in front of Qiuyuan unhappily, but it was too dark to match its body color. Qiuyuan didn’t even notice what Gengar’s expression was now.
"Come on, take me to fly. Slow down."
"Ah ha ….." Gengar should be a listlessly.
Qiuyuan was pulled by Gengar and slowly fell to a corner. Qiuyuan had to climb slowly again.
Climb diagonally along the ventilation duct and find the first exit.
This corresponds to the first floor
Chapter 7 can you hear that ass falls from the sky!
Wu is waiting for Qiuyuan at the vent exit of Shunlai Pager.
He looked at the pager Qiuyuan reply and looked at the vent, which has not moved at all yet.
It’s not me, is it? Boss Qiu Yuan didn’t come at all?
Wu was deeply in doubt.
Then listen to duang-he was crushed to the ground by a butt falling from the sky.
"Oh, I’m going to … it hurts me! Gengar! Get out of here! "
"Woo-hoo, hey hey hey …" Gengar floated up from the edge of Qiuyuan, with a hey hey smile.
"Can’t you block me first? I fell directly, but fortunately, there was someone on the mat. What if I fell somewhere? Can you afford it? Is there anyone else who can cook for you? "
Eh, no
There’s a man on the mat?
Qiuyuan leng looked down.
"Old boss … can you … get up first …"
"I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to harm anyone who knows you’re here. I’m still from the flash team … ah ha ha this … ha ha …"
Qiu Yuan hurriedly moved his ass away, scratching his head awkwardly and hitting haha.
Wu Tian tou hei xian
Just now, he was thinking about what happened to the ventilation duct, so he looked down at a pager and put a hat on him when his ass fell from the sky.
"Boss …"
"Cough can’t depend on me. It depends on Gengar."
When Qiu Yuan saw Wu Zhangkou, he immediately said that it was not him, but Gengar.
Just now, Gengar was disassembling the fan when he transferred from the ventilation pipe on the first floor to the pipe on the second floor.
Qiuyuan asked if it had been demolished. Gengar turned to him and smiled at him. Qiuyuan Gengar had been demolished. Who knows this ya hasn’t been demolished!
When he slowly moved over, Gengar removed the fan and put it in his pocket.
But at this time, Qiuyuan has already drilled. Before Gengar came to switch entities to block QiuYuan Qiu Yuan, he passed through Gengar and fell sideways and straight.
And then just a butt sitting on wu head.
Wu has no time to talk to his boss, the yuppie Qiuyuan, who has a big heart all the time. He is blocked and pulls Qiuyuan away.
"Hey, where are you going?"
Qiuyuan followed Wu all the way and also put Gengar on alert.
"I’ve found the back way. There’s a long secret passage not far from the third floor laboratory that needs a password to open."
"There are two kinds of passwords for the channel, one is the opening password, and the other is the destruction password. I have got the opening password but there is no self-destruction password. If I want to get the password of the channel self-destruction program, I can successfully escape from here and destroy their retreat."
"Now to find who get the password? Where did you find your unlock code? "
Qiuyuan didn’t joke with Wu at this moment, and analyzed it carefully.
But really, how did you get the unlock code?
"In this memo, this man wrote the opening code, but he didn’t know the self-destruction code."
Wu unlocked the pager and handed it to Qiu Yuan.