Fortunately, it didn’t take long for Cao Cao to come with his military forces. According to Lu Bu’s impulsive personality, Cao Cao must have commanded the battle in a big mess. However, Cao Cao did not expect that Lu Bu was still fighting, but most of his military forces were actively breaking through at all times.

It was none other than Chen Hu who led the soldiers to break through. Although Chen Hu admired Lu Bu in some ways, Cao Xing greeted Chen Hu a long time ago. Chen Hu also knew Lu Bu’s weakness. Now Lu Bu is dying, even if he is not afraid of death in Chen Hu, he can’t get involved with his brothers. Chen Hu did not hesitate to take the remaining soldiers to break through.
Since Chen Hu and others are about to run out, it is much easier to leave things. Cao Cao did not hesitate to drink and let his soldiers rush in to rescue Chen Hu and others.
However, when Cao Cao led the troops to charge, he suddenly heard Chen Hu talking about something in this direction in the distance. He looked quite anxious to see that Cao Cao suddenly stopped chasing after the wind. Mata felt cold in his back and a rather bad feeling rose in his heart. Looking back and seeing the rear, I didn’t know that there was a military horse leading the way. It was a black-faced general.
Seeing that Cao Cao’s real intention is not in Lu Bu, but in him. If this battle can kill Cao Cao in one fell swoop, then the battle base will not be played.
However, after a brief shock, Cao Xing gradually came to his senses. His eyes and expressions took the first knife with a broad back. This is the battlefield. No one knows what will happen in a moment, even if Cao Xing calculated Cao Cao this time. There is no way that Cao Xing will die. He will definitely break through.
Seeing that Cao was ready to fight, the soldiers around him also took out their spears and looked at the army behind them. Then the coaches on both sides drank a lot and the soldiers on both sides killed each other.
Cao Cao didn’t charge and chase after the wind. Marton was in the same place, while Cao Cao sat on the horse with a broad knife to solve the enemy’s immediate attack. At the same time, he also held a bow and arrow in the other hand. The swordsman should seize the opportunity and Cao Cao is an arrow to shoot.
In this world, Cao Cao is still inclined to be a military commander. Since it is a military commander, it will be a bloody battle. Cao Cao’s body has exploded with violent momentum. Now Cao Cao’s martial arts have reached the six levels of martial arts.
Seeing that Cao Cao’s broad first knife swept a few heads and flew, he splashed blood line after blood line. He Cao Cao is definitely not a hand-tied man.
Looking at his coach is so brave, Cao Cao’s morale on their side is greatly boosted.
Cao Xing looked at Lu Bu in that direction. He didn’t hesitate to shoot an arrow directly. The arrow flew from Lu Bu’s ear and finally hit Xu Chu. The long knife felt the power of the big knife. Xu Chu was surprised in his heart. The whole person turned over and over on horseback and almost fell from the back of the horse.
And lyu3 bu4 looked at this arrow and it came so quickly that he couldn’t help looking back at Cao Cao’s direction. When he saw Cao Cao struggling to fight with his military forces, Lyu3 bu4 seemed to feel something in his heart. He directly pushed back the four generals in front of him with a sudden stab, and then turned around the red hare’s head to break through quickly.
Now that Lu Bu is willing to break through, it seems that Cao Xing should not be difficult for them to escape this time. Thought of this, Cao Xing’s heart finally calmed down. He felt something moving in a certain direction. Cao Xing did not hesitate to shoot an arrow again, but after this sword, Cao Xing heard a terrible sound. There was anger and humiliation in this sound. Should there be a roar? But even if the sound was sharp, there was no sense of embarrassment. Cao Xing could not help but look in that direction.
Just now, Cao Cao also shot an arrow at the head. If it was a common pawn, I’m afraid it would be a reaction in the face of Cao Cao’s arrow. However, Cao Cao shot an arrow at the black-faced general this time. The black-faced general seems to be not weak in martial arts. He turned his head to avoid Cao Cao’s arrow, but he underestimated Cao Cao’s archery after all
Even though the black-faced general escaped from his forehead and temples, the arrow was still shot in his left eye, and suddenly his eyes were bleeding profusely.
Cao Cao’s soldiers watched them lead the generals who were seriously injured at the moment, and they were all frightened. After all, the blood was constantly drawn from the generals’ eyes at the moment, which made them feel that the horror was yet to come.
After a brief scream, the general finally held back the pain and closed his mouth. Then he directly touched the arrow with one hand. Seeing that he drank a lot, he abruptly pulled the arrow out of his eyes. Even some objects splashed out of his eyes, but he was the first to catch it.
Looking at the black object covered with blood in his hand, he forgot to roar directly to the battlefield: "The blood of father, essence and mother must not be abandoned!"
The black-faced general directly fed his eyes into his mouth and swallowed them. When he saw this scene, the people around him were silent. Many people forgot that he was still born in the battlefield at the moment because the black-faced general was so shocked. Even Cao Cao was stunned with a bow and arrow. It seems that this is the first time to see such a horrible person.
However, although Cao Cao was shocked, the black-faced general picked up his back broadsword and ignored his eyes to get pain. He shouted at Cao Cao, "Cao Cao, take your life!"
This life is like nine days of thunder. It is not uncommon for Cao Xing to explode in the battlefield because of hatred. However, looking at the black-faced general in front of him, Cao Xing seems to recall who this black-faced general is and actually in history. This black-faced general will also be Cao Xing’s old enemy. It is in his hand that Cao Xing lost his life after all.
And the black general was none other than Cao Cao’s Xiahou Dun.
Xiahou Dun at the moment is sending out than strong momentum riding a fast horse to cut to Cao Xing, and at the moment Cao Xian is still standing there knowing everything, but seeing that Xiahou Dun is already closer to Cao Xing, he raised his broadsword for a moment and Cao Xing finally reacted, but at the moment he suddenly found himself stiff and could not move.
At a certain moment, Cao couldn’t help thinking that this was the real fate. When he met Xiahou Dun, he still had to take the historical track again.
The historical imprint was in Cao’s mind, but at this moment, there was a thunder in the sky, and Cao’s mind quickly flashed a flash, as if Cao had seen the last scene in the first life.
That flash not only stunned Cao, but also deeply reflected Cao’s mind.
What Cao Xing came to this world is to change his fate, that is, to change this feudal era, that is, to speak Chinese everywhere after a hundred years.
In order to realize this dream, Cao Xing must not die here, let alone in Xiahou Dun’s hand. It is too much to say that Xiahou Dun is his old enemy. Although Xiahou Dun is a historical star, Cao Xing vaguely remembers that Cao Xing also found this general in Cao Cao’s barracks for the first time, but Cao Xing didn’t feel much when he looked at him at that time, which means that he Xiahou Dun is also an ordinary general at the moment.
Chapter three hundred and twenty Break
At the moment when Xia Houdun’s broadsword was about to fall, Cao Xing woke up like a dream. No one was born strong, even Cao Xing, the old enemy of fate, had to give it a try because he was no longer history. Cao Xing changed the historical process and accelerated the historical speed because of his arrival, so he still had to change this time.
Thought of here, Cao Cao’s heart has also risen, and his heart has been freed from the fear of being dominated by Xia Houdun. Xia Houdun’s blade turned to hide from Cao Cao’s blade, and finally it landed on Cao Cao’s shoulder, and the sharp blade plunged into Cao Cao’s flesh and blood, and Cao Cao’s whole person suddenly bled profusely.
However, these pains did not arouse Cao Cao’s shouting, but also raised a temporary sense of excitement in his heart. His history is not so difficult to change Cao Cao’s life, so the second knife will not die. Cao Cao ignored the shoulder pain and took out his broad first knife and cut it to Xia Houdun.
Xia Houdun didn’t seem to expect that Cao had the strength to resist when he struck Cao. The whole person was also surprised and hurriedly dodged in his heart
Although Cao Xing was not killed by Xia Houdun, Xia Houdun also escaped Cao Xing’s counterattack, but now Xia Houdun has no eyes, so how can he let it go? Therefore, Xia Houdun growled and killed Cao Xing with his broadsword again.
When his hand fell again, Cao also directly grasped Xia Houdun’s hand with his hands, so that Xia Houdun’s blade actually stopped in the middle.
At the moment, Chen Hu Lyu3 bu4 saw this critical situation and must not let Cao Xing have an accident. Therefore, both of them urged their hip horses to come here desperately, but there were too many people who stopped them. Chen Hu was directly besieged by a large number of Jun. Lyu3 bu4 got a special note that Xia Houyuan, Xu Chu and Dian Wei followed him.
Therefore, fighting there leaves Cao Xing and Xia Houdun.
Although Cao’s hands hugged Xia Houdun’s hands, the blade was still slowly descending in the middle. After all, the blade will still be cut in Cao’s body in Xia Houdun.
"Go to hell!" Xia Houdun said angrily that Cao Cao’s eyes are precious, and everyone has two. In this era, there is no advanced medical technology. No one can be willing to donate their eyes to you. This arrow of Cao Cao is equivalent to breaking something precious like Xia Houdun. Xia Houdun’s heart is naturally furious. At this moment, he has already killed Cao Cao’s heart.