Coloured glaze dugu shot a lot of magic arrows when he was happy!

Now that the primary magic has been practiced, she began to try to practice the "magic ring" and "returning to heaven" in the intermediate magic.
The art of returning to heaven helps to recover. Although she is not injured at the moment, it is a fact that the injury is exhausted.
I don’t know how long it took. When Dugu Liuli opened her eyes, she found that she had cultivated into a magic ring and saved the world.
She is full of energy at the moment.
She couldn’t help laughing.
A sudden inspiration struck.
She’s going through!
Coloured glaze dugu exultation and continue to enter the practice form.
When she opened her eyes, she was already on the ground, and she was promoted from the third-level peak fighter to the fourth-level early fighter.
Dugu coloured glaze feels lighter with each step!
"Ha ha!" She couldn’t help laughing because she was so excited. Chapter 89 was trapped at the bottom of the valley.
Dugu coloured glaze after laughing wildly looked at the valley suddenly how.
God, this valley looks so deep. The rocks are 90 degrees steep, so she can’t fly, okay?
Dugu coloured glaze a butt sitting on the ground.
But it’s true that this valley is full of aura
It seems that she will be trapped in this valley for a long time.
Coloured glaze dugu didn’t have time to sigh, but continued to enter the cultivation form to absorb aura from the valley.
She is a quiet bearer in adversity, which is also in the past life. She escaped at gunpoint again and again.
She looks down on being trapped.
It’s not a bad thing to practice here for more than ten years and become a peerless master, and then go out with less outside disturbance and less intrigue.
Such as glass dugu eyes again is the second day early in the morning.
She was able to meditate and practice all night.
This even admire yourself dugu coloured glaze.
Dugu coloured glaze got up and wandered around.
This is a small valley, and there is not even a demon animal. It seems that it is difficult to eat meat.
Dugu Liuli picked up firewood and then got lucky and the fire burst into flames.
She wants to attract Warcraft through the flame. Of course, this is her extravagant hope, because she should have sensed it spiritually, and there would be no Warcraft here.
She walked around again after the fire.
Here, lush vegetation and flowers compete for beauty, just like a paradise.
Coloured glaze dugu also issued a surprise that there was a small hot spring. Without saying anything, she directly undressed and jumped to take a bath.
It’s so comfortable!
Dugu coloured glaze is so comfortable that I want to fall asleep.
When she reluctantly crawled to continue the treasure hunt, she sent out a bamboo forest again.
Great. She’s thinking of building a cabin. She can’t wander around the valley all the time, can she?
So dugu glass magic quickly chopped bamboo, and magic split bamboo, and soon a cabin was set up.
It’s impossible to have magic. It’s easy to build a house!
Just as Dugu Liuli was preparing to live in the cabin she had built herself, suddenly a huge object hit it and instantly destroyed her cabin!
Dugu coloured glaze is angry!
What is this thing?
I cann’t believe I ruined the cabin she built herself
She wants to roast it bit by bit!
By the way, is there meat to eat?
Coloured glaze dugu suddenly stopped being angry!
She immediately flew to the middle of broken Xiao Mu and saw a huge dragon!
It’s a dragon!
Dugu glazed eyes and bright dragon meat should be delicious, right
Hehehehehe, I’m worried about having no meat to eat. Now God pity her for sending such a big meat.
This can be eaten for a year.
Coloured glaze dugu laughs fast twitching.