"No wonder! No wonder! "

I heard the news that Lei Ying personally participated in the war. It is no wonder that Ding Zuo was only able to fall in the battlefield. It turned out that Lei Ying personally participated in the war.
Nowadays, cross-country has also become a shadow-level strong person. Although it is only a quasi-shadow level, he deeply knows how the shadow-level strong person can cause a chain reaction in the fight.
It’s like a battlefield in Dingzuo, right
If Lei Ying didn’t take part in the war, with the help of the commander-in-chief of Tudai, he firmly believed that Ding Zuo could stick to the front line, at least there would be no "disaster"
However, after Lei Ying entered the war, just look at the disadvantages of Ding Zuo.
In orochimaru’s intelligence, Lei Ying personally led several elite troops through the Caoguo front like thunder and directly approached the border between Caoguo and fire nation. Moreover, there was Lei Ying personally on the border front. If there was no strong shadow level, there would be no way to compete with Lei Ying.
The ninja troops led by Gareying are all elite in Yunren Village.
As a direct result, Ding Zuo and his people’s Ninja Army Department were trapped in that fire nation border. If cross-country orochimaru went to support it a little later, Kimura would face that the Ninja Army was wiped out and the heads of the Qiudao clan would fall in this battle!
In an instant, Konoha Village was forced to send ninja troops to rescue Dingzuo in Liangshan.
So who can compete with the fierce power of Lei Ying?
Who can be surrounded by Lei Ying personally led the army to clear Ding Zuo?
The answer is two people!
One is the three generations of Huoying in Muye Village, and the other is orochimaru!
It’s a pity that the three generations of Huo Ying still didn’t mean to do it personally. Even though Ding Zuo is the autumn road clan, he is the guardian of Huo Ying’s family for generations. The three generations of Huo Ying are indifferent to Ding Zuo. Only sending orochimaru to rescue is the only order of the three generations of Huo Ying.
Fortunately, the cross-country is here in orochimaru, otherwise orochimaru’s chances of surviving even if he goes to Dingzuo in person are equal to
Then there was an orderly order in orochimaru, and the ninja troops in Tianguo began to evacuate and prepared to go to the border battlefield between Caoguo and fire nation.
of course
It is inevitable that orochimaru will leave some cronies in Tian’s country.
After all, cross-country also knows what orochimaru is planning to create Yinren Village. Since there is no loss, it is impossible to do our best to rescue Dingding orochimaru.
Otherwise, orochimaru wouldn’t have written to recall the cross-country and wanted to combine their strength to bring heavy losses to Lei Ying.
On the other hand, cross-country was worried that Ding Zuo ‘an’s eyebrows were always locked when he went to the border. When he went to Ding Zuo’s side, he couldn’t adjust his mentality many times and complained that orochimaru’s speed was too slow, which made both of them fall to freezing point.
However, orochimaru is not only a lean generation, but also a good commander.
After discovering the cross-country problem, orochimaru just had a conversation, which made the cross-country worry disappear.
"Cross-country gentleman, I know your heart, but in my opinion …"
"You really don’t need to worry about Ding Zuo ‘an because Lei Ying cares more about Ding Zuo ‘an than you do."
Know orochimaru is to comfort yourself, but cross-country because "always can’t suppress the anger in my heart and ask orochimaru," orochimaru, what do you mean? Do you think Lei Ying may let Uncle Ding Zuo go? Stop joking! "
"It’s not a joke, it’s a fact"
Listening to cross-country questioning orochimaru didn’t get angry but licked the corners of his mouth and smiled. "Ding Zuo is trapped and anxious. Is it necessary for Lei Ying to worry?" Ding Zuo is a good bait. If the thunder shadow can trap Ding Zuo for one day, Muye Village will send support to rescue Ding Zuo. If I were thunder shadow, my plan would be to encircle Ding Zuo without killing people and starving people. So in a few months, the fighting power of Ninja troops led by Ding Zuo will be reduced to freezing point, and Yunren Village is a strong soldier. Ma Zhuang, what do you think we can do to rescue Ding Zuo troops? "
"Can …"
Orochimaru put the words cross-country original dim eyes gradually brightened.
Obviously, it is necessary to know that Ding Ding can maintain a normal heart without dangerous cross-country
Even if Ding Ding’s life on the front line is very hard, cross-country needs a news that Ding Ding can live, so that he can restore his former reputation.
Then I looked at orochimaru Cross-country very apologetically and wanted to apologize for my previous mistakes. But orochimaru looked at Cross-country and wanted to apologize, so he shook his head directly at Cross-country and said, "Cross-country Jun doesn’t need to apologize to me. I can understand your feelings. I felt the same as you when Gang Shou and Jiraiya faced difficulties."
"It’s a pity that now can let me have the mood …"
Said orochimaru sighed deeply and immediately went to manage the ninja troops.
It is also orochimaru’s daily busyness that makes Off-Road deeply understand how troublesome it is to be in charge of the Ninja Force. Don’t say how much materials are needed every day. How long does the Ninja Force advance and rest? Everything needs a Ninja Force Commander to consider.
At least in cross-country, he is not qualified to be in charge of ninja troops now.
However, in orochimaru, I finally got a chance to learn cross-country
In this way, I know that Ding Ding has no life worries and calms down to cross-country, so I began to concentrate on improving my ability. After half a month, cross-country followed the orochimaru Ninja Army and finally completed the first encounter with Yunren in the battlefield. Suddenly, I appeared beside cross-country and orochimaru said lightly.
"Cross-country Jun, I really need you to pierce Yunren’s heart with a sharp knife now. Are you sure?"
"Of course there is!"
In the battlefield, the body is also stained with blood. Listening to orochimaru’s words, the corners of the mouth raise a smile full of murder.
The wind is instantaneous!
Cross-country figure suddenly disappeared in the original place, just like orochimaru commanded, and the sharp knife rushed into the cloud ninja army.
There is no doubt that on the battlefield, orochimaru’s command is to behead in cross-country. On how the situation attacked, Yunren must have a commander in chief, just like now, when they meet Yunren village troops in cross-country, Yunren must have a famous ninja commander.
If cross-country can kill him, then orochimaru can lead the ninja team to advance faster
So soon, cross-country and orochimaru rivals can become Yunren Village Thunder Shadow, and soon after being forced to Liangshan by Thunder Shadow in Muye Village, they will see the hope of clearance!
But just as the cross-country sharp knife killed the surrounding attacks, Yun Ren attacked the commander of this Yun Ren force and suddenly "bang" one!
Like an octopus tentacle, an object suddenly attacked the cross-country direction from a distance, which not only made the cross-country pupil slightly constricted, but also showed a shocking look in orochimaru in the distance!