"… Sir, don’t come here yet!"

Xiao seems to feel shy, and hurriedly raises his hand to stop him. As a result, it reveals a picture that is fatal to an adult alpha.
Yan Shuhan cried, breathing increased, and his throat rolled, but he also knew that this was not the way to go, so he quickly turned around. "Sir, don’t go over, madam, call me when you get dressed."
Alpha has a deep voice, and magnetism is obviously fighting back.
But at this time, Xiao couldn’t understand the profound meaning contained in the alpha words, and he was ignorant that the waxy land should be "… Oh"
But in the past three minutes, did my wife get dressed? I don’t know if there is a lot of rosa multiflora-flavored courtship pheromones in the room
In a second, I heard that the back was slightly annoyed and brought into tears more than the poor injustice. "I can’t dress … I can’t wear clothes well … DOG is stupid."
Yan Shu’s chilling is going to melt, and she can’t consider any fire. She hurried back to people and held them to her body.
"Don’t cry, don’t cry. We are the smartest in DOG. DOG can’t dress. Mr. Nothing will help DOG wear it."
"Really?" My arms are small and my eyes are red, like a rabbit that failed the test in a fairy tale.
Yan Shuhan thinks that his wife was sent by heaven. How can there be such a lovely and lovely person?
"Of course, it’s true. Our painting in DOG is very beautiful. We have learned to shoot fast and accurately since we were young."
The person in my arms took a sniffle and seemed to feel that it was not enough. I added "DOG’s cake is also delicious."
"It’s also delicious to make cakes for your wife, especially delicious. My husband likes it best."
Yan Shu-Han got up and kissed her relatives’ little face and kissed her ears. "Madam stopped crying. Don’t you want to have breakfast? Hey, breakfast is coming. Let’s see what breakfast we have today, okay? "
Soft as a baby.
Usually, when alpha talks like this, ega must be too ashamed to stand it.
But for ega, who is in estrus at the moment and has a sensitive heart, this tone is the only one that is affected.
Su Mo stopped crying and didn’t feel wronged. She rubbed her face in Yanshu’s chilling mouth.
At the same time, compared with the warm south bay atmosphere in the master bedroom on the third floor of Yanfu, Jiangshi, the forbidden area of FDM headquarters is a bit weird.
"Boss, is this … not coming to work again?"
Qiu Lie, the leader of the logistics team, glances at the same married person next to Jiang Yuan’s confused road.
Ling Yu, the deputy seat, gave a cold sigh, like an old housekeeper hanging her appetite, and made a sharp turn to open the topic "Well, it’s time for the meeting."
half past seven
The routine morning meeting of the head of the headquarters starts on time.
There’s nothing to say. It’s almost punctual for a second.
It went flat and neat, and the last sentence "dismissed" was not emotional.
Fu Wisteria and Xu Wei glances have picked their eyebrows. Bai Jing looks a little pale and seems to be thinking, can such a guy take care of his baby brother? I’m afraid it won’t take minutes to make a cold violence with this smelly face.
Looking at Xu Wei, sitting next to his brother, but looking at each other, seriously recording the meeting, now put the pen back and cast his eyes slightly shyly at the one over there.
Bai Jing "…"
Well, that means beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
It’s almost invisible
"You are there any doubts? Didn’t I say anything? "
Seeing that a few people are still sitting in their seats, Lingyu can freeze their faces to death, and there is a little bit of personal emotion. "Where is the white? I can come out now and I have a line meeting in 20 minutes."
"Ha … no no"
Fu wisteria got up and tugged at Xu Wei beside her at the same time, thinking about the hexagrams with this brother or forget it. After all, people are cold on the surface, but in fact they are secretly a big hacker.
I’m afraid it won’t be a few seconds before he pulls out all the pictures in your mobile phone and makes them public.
Obviously, everyone soon got up and left with this consciousness-but with one exception, Bai Cheng dropped the team with the file and approached Ling Yu.
The frost on Ling Yu’s face almost disappeared in an instant, and she looked at the young alpha with tenderness in her face.
Not only that, but it seems that I saw something, and I got up for a second and raised my hand at people, and my eyebrows frowned slightly.
"Stay up late again?"
Alpha’s fingertips are rough and warm, and it itches a little when touching the eyes, but it is also a little comfortable.
Just see Bai Cheng smiled and shook his head, listening to people talking nonsense with their eyes open. "No, I didn’t stay up all night. Yu Ge really didn’t stay up."
"So this black eye socket is painted?"
Listening to people tell such a credible lie in front of him, tall alpha looks a little cold. Is it a sound or is it more gentle and graceful? Look at Bai Cheng quietly like a thirsty wolf after a long journey, admiring others and being fed water.
Naturally, vinegar was added to the words, "They have repaired their lives. When they meet an instructor like you, they can’t wait to teach by hand and stay up every night to open a small stove to make up lessons."
This statement simply lost the image of the other side as a cold adjutant in the eyes of everyone.
Bai Cheng couldn’t help laughing.
Hold the man’s index finger for a second, gently wipe your eyes, press it a little hard, and then show what baby seems to hold the man’s finger for the other person to see, "See what Brother Yu sees?"
Ling Yu is a little puzzling, but she also listened to the words of the person and took a serious look at her hand.
Then I really saw my fingers smudged a little pale blue-black.
Ling Yu "…"
"Old bad! ?”
Bai Cheng smiled, his eyes and tail lifted, and he shook Lingyu’s shoulder and looked very happy.
"Commando ready to open a new project! How about my ability to learn makeup? Strong enough? ! Special effects makeup is taken in minutes! "
Ling Yu looked at the young alpha in high spirits in front of his face without any reaction.
The other party looks a little serious like this.
Bai Cheng, from the other side, doesn’t quite agree with his new project. He hitched his heart and quickly implemented Plan B.
Shift the focus of discourse. "Brother Yu, you know how difficult it is to arrest someone now. Don’t our assault team have to sneak into the Ministry to ambush? How dangerous it is. I think it’s still quite useful to learn this kind of thing, right?"
"Well" LingYu should be a.
Bai Cheng felt that the other party’s reaction was not normal, but he couldn’t say what was abnormal, so he went on to say, "Brother Yu is like this. Actually, Brother Xu asked me to report this to the boss and then apply for some official classics."
Lingyu nodded eyes still quietly.
Bai Cheng carefully observed the alpha reaction and couldn’t observe it. It was a bit unreasonable. "Brother Yu, what do you mean? Say it directly. Do you think this project is not good …"
"Not very good," said Ling Yu, getting closer to Bai Cheng.
"Yu, Yu Ge?"
All the people in the meeting room were gone, and even the door was closed by someone who was "kind"
There are two of them left in the room.
In hindsight, the young alpha felt a little unintelligent. When he reacted, he was pressed into the wall by the person in front of him. In the eyes of the man, it was like hiding a beast ready to go. Bai Cheng suddenly dared not look directly into each other’s eyes.
"Open your mouth"