They know one thing and don’t know the other.

Zheng Hai had a glimmer of hope to win A Dai, so he banned drugs. If he won, he wouldn’t lose, but he still lost. Ordinary people may not be able to see the outside world and know some martial arts, so they slowly figured out the unusual taste.
This is not a simple game to determine the winner, nor is it a life-and-death struggle to win or lose, but it is like a lesson from one person to another or a severe and formal lesson from a height.
This can not be ignored.
Knowing the truth, just a few Zheng Changgong clenched his fist and squeezed out a sentence through his teeth. "What makes him? With what? Who admitted it? It’ s really little to pretend to be orthodox. "
Jizhong kept silent.
Zheng Changgong suddenly turned to ask him, "Did you admit it?"
Qi Zhong said suddenly, "What’s the point if I admit it or not?"
"You are a Qi family!"
"What about that? I have already lost that qualification. "
"You you might as well Qin Yong?"
"You Qin Yong sent a younger brother is on your side? You still don’t know him. "
What did Zheng Changgong think of?
At this time, the game has been seen. A Dai and catkin have taught Zheng Jiawu different people. He didn’t make a move, and there was no hatred in his eyes. He was teaching in his eyes.
Until Zheng Hai was taught that he could never get up and lay on the ground with a white face.
The referee declared A Dai the winner.
There were fierce cheers and thunderous hands at the scene. This time, A Dai didn’t show off in an ostentatious manner. He bowed seriously and thanked the former juggler.
"Hum and pack to force will not be afraid of being struck by lightning." God can’t help but be sour and run on the sentence.
Warm smile and scold "you are enough, I think this is good."
"Hum and wait will not get better."
"You wait and see."
Sure enough, A Dai’s serious expression will be maintained until the end of the game. When the reporters from the media swarmed, he immediately made a variety of gestures to be cool and handsome. He asked him witty remarks one by one, which made the eloquent reporters laugh and talk with each other. The atmosphere should not be too good.
Also won the first game, Fu Feng, Fu Yu and Zheng Nan didn’t have it. The three people were forgotten by the body. Fortunately, they didn’t like the initiative, but they were also happy to be quiet.
When he saw this, he rolled his eyes and despised him. "Look, look, I didn’t wronged him, huh? Not only will he pretend to be forced, but he has the potential to be a hand."
Warm nai smiled and shook his head.
Another game is played again. This time, Zhong Yunlan is playing Wei Min Handa with a dignified expression. In fact, his heart has long been exhausted. Please don’t lose too ugly, or he will go back to the imperial city to explain the truth
Fortunately, Wei Min didn’t kill anyone, and Zhong Yunlan didn’t win or lose after more than one hundred strokes. Wei Min didn’t beat up enough Qingyun noodles or gave Zhong Jia noodles after he stopped Zhong Yunlan.
Gordon pai’ ea chung-hoon LAN’s face is light, ungrateful and not sad. It’s also a kind of demeanor to win several palms from the field!
Previously, the five decided to duel with the other five again, and the one with the highest ranking can challenge one of the top five to make a desperate attempt. After half an hour, Zhong Yunlan won. Unexpectedly, he calmly defaulted to his position without challenging anyone, that is, the sixth place in the annual martial arts competition.
This position is not low, but it is still low for Qingyun. You know, Qingyun was counting on Zhong Yunlan to enter the top three, but now he is a sixth place and he is not willing to fight for it again.
Handa looked very complicated but didn’t say anything.
Zhong Yunlan gave up the challenge, and several other people didn’t have a chance. Since then, the five places have been set. Zhong Yunlan is the sixth god’s martial arts school, and three younger brothers occupy the seventh, ninth and ninth positions. Zheng Hai is the tenth.
For this result, many people are crying, thinking that Zheng Hai was the hottest player to win the championship before the contest. Who knows how it can make people not feel deeply when they fall to the tenth place?
Besides, when I saw God’s brother fighting with the Knights, I was very polite and personable. Why did I choose to fight hard when I got to Zheng Hai? I don’t understand. I don’t understand …
Zheng Changgong’s face is hard to see. These people are not hitting themselves, but hitting his face. They are hitting the Zheng family’s face! He was surprised, hated and afraid to take out his mobile phone and secretly sent a message out.
It’s been a long time, but there’s no answer
His face turned even paler.
"Playing is really enjoyable!" God gloated and praised, looking at the five people left in the field and hey smiled. "Four of us are in the top five. It’s cool to think about it."
Fu Yunyi hummed, "It’s really cool to knock Wei Min down."
Hearing this, God blinked and asked, "Does Big Cousin think that Wei Min is very powerful?"
Fu Yunyi glanced at it. "Do you ask if that person in your family is enough to be A Dai’s opponent?"
God was surprised. "Are you up to being an opponent with A Dai?" He turned his head in excitement. "Is Cousin Sangong lying to me?"
Magic didn’t speak.
God seems to feel the truth. "Oh, yeah, come and beat A Dai and see how he can show off in an ostentatious manner. Hahahaha …"
Warm and funny slapped it on the head. "Did you say that?"
"Oh, little lady, I’m telling the truth. Advice when most needed is least heeded. You can’t listen to beautiful words. They’re all sugar-coated shells …"
Warm shook his head and asked Fu Yunyi, "Brother, do you know the details of this Wei Min?"
Fu Yunyi’s expression is dignified. "I don’t know, I also let people check it, but there is nothing substantial about this person. It seems that the traces of life before he came out were wiped clean."
"Then who do you think it will be?"
"This ….. it’s really hard to say, but no matter who the other party is, it’s deep enough. A big game of chess takes everyone as chess. Even if Wei Min can’t win A Dai, he must have achieved some purpose."
Warm and thoughtful
Suddenly, longing took her hand and wrote in her palm, "If you look at the expressions of Zheng Changgong and Meng Guizong when Wei Min plays again, you may find something."
Warm heart move nod should be a.
In this game, Fu Feng played against Zheng Nan and Fu Yu played against Wei Min in A Dai. One game was the last group to take a break.
That’s funny. We’re all on our own. How dare we fight?
So the game became a contest, and it was very exciting to watch. In fact, no one had great strength. Finally, it was no accident that Zheng Nan and A Dai won and squeezed into the top three. According to the rules, Fu Feng and Fu Yuke challenged Wei Min again. If they could win, they would still have a chance to win the top three, but they didn’t.
Seeing the warmth, I was puzzled and couldn’t help but ask Fu Yunyi, "How did they give up?"
"They can’t beat Wei Min."