Shen Cangze couldn’t help asking, "Brother-in-law, are you coming to dinner alone?"
Shen Cangze "I went first without an appointment with a friend."
Hardly had he finished speaking when everyone in the club came.
Someone saw Shen Cangze as soon as he came in and shouted, "Manager Shen, you are so early."
Shen Cangze is the founder of the club, which is a hobby of his. In recent years, the club has made some fame in the world of Go and signed several good players.
Lin Tianhe and Shen Cangze have known each other for a long time, and they have a good personal relationship. Sometimes they play chess together because they are the first star players to join the club.
Of course, Lin Tianhe was also at this dinner.
Lin Tianhe saw Shen Cangze first and then Yu Xin along the line of sight of friends next to him.
He was surprised to meet Yu Xin here.
Yu Xin was talking to the man next to him at this time and didn’t see him. Lin Tianhe couldn’t help feeling a little lost.
Look at the man next to her who is so close to her. It should be her fiance.
Yu Xin didn’t hide his engagement. Although Lin Tianhe likes Yu Xin, he also knows that his family won’t allow him to find an unmarried pregnant girl to marry.
He knows in his heart that he can pursue Yu Xin and fall in love with her, but he can’t give her a future.
So when he knows that Yu Xin is getting engaged, he can also bless Yu Xin.
But even when he knew that Yu Xin was engaged, he couldn’t help but want to talk to her about her recent situation.
Fortunately, the two of them still have a lot to talk about in Weiqi. He hides his love for Yu Xin and talks with her about Weiqi and some trivial things in life, so that he can deceive himself by saying that he and Yu Xin are ordinary friends and he has no other ideas.
However, at the moment, when he saw that Yu Xin had someone else around him, he was stimulated and suddenly realized that he had let go.
If you just watch Yu Xin marry someone else, he will regret it.
[Lin Tianhe’s goodwill value increased by fifteen points]
Yu Xin didn’t realize Lin Tianhe had arrived until she heard the sound.
But instead of looking around for Lin Tianhe, she continued to talk to Shen Qiyun.
She is sitting at the side facing the door, so she won’t see Lin Tianhe if she doesn’t look back.
Late Shen Cangze suddenly called Shen Qiyun and asked him to say that he had something to say.
Shen Qiyun doesn’t know what Shen Cangze is looking for himself. He now habitually tells Yu Xin that Shen Cangze is looking for him. He also said that.
Yu Xin guessed what Shen Cangze was doing.
She took Shen Qiyun and suddenly hugged him.
Shen Qiyun leng one immediately smiled and touched her head "what’s the matter? I’ll be back soon. Can’t you bear to let me go? "
Yu Xin, a low well.
Shen Qiyun "Then I will accompany you later."
Yu Xin shook his head with a worried look on his face.
She’s like this. Shen Qiyun would be stupid if she didn’t see it.
He asked, "Is there anything you want to tell me?"
Yu Xin bit her lip and showed a weak expression in front of Shen Qiyun for the first time. She kissed Shen Qiyun’s lips as if she were eager to express her love for him.
Shen Qiyun has never seen Yu Xin like this, but of course he enjoys it.
After the kiss, Yu Xin calmly told a story in his arms.
Shen Cangze waited for an hour. Shen Qiyun hasn’t arrived yet. This is the first time that Shen Qiyun has asked him to wait.
And Shen Qiyun doesn’t even answer the words.
Shen Cangze doubted whether Shen Qiyun had something on the road, and asked people to call the traffic police force to check the situation.
He just ordered to go to Shen Qiyun and finally arrived.
Seeing Shen Qiyun unscathed, Shen Cangze frowned. "Do you know you are late?"
Shen Qiyun did not answer.
Shen Cangze has no mind to follow this matter for too long. Although he is dissatisfied, he still remembers that he is looking for Shen Qiyun for this real purpose.
"Sit down" Shen Cangze light way
"Don’t sit down, I also have something to say to my brother-in-law, and then I’ll leave."
Shen Cangze dazed, what does this mean?
"Do you know something?" He was almost a horse when he reacted.