"Uncle Shen, please speak!" Mochen looked solemn at once.

Shen Gongbao looked at the cloud dumpling beside him, but he didn’t speak.
Mochen suddenly felt a little unhappy and said, "This is my own sister. Just say what General Shen has to say!"
"Go back to the prince, young fellow, and ask for accurate information. Ge Shang has now reached an agreement with Fuguang, and they are horns against our Dragon Palace soldiers!" Shen Gongbao immediately said loudly.
"You are talking nonsense. How could my husband do such a thing? Can’t he tell who is close?" Yunjiao immediately became furious.
"The princess is angry, and Shen Gongbao is just telling the truth!" Shen Gongbao said superciliously.
"No, I want to go back and have a look!" Cloud dumpling metamorphoses, stood up.
"Wait!" Shen Gongbao at this time, all of a sudden shot light mans, around the sea crazy into the room, blink of an eye into ice, all the channels in the whole room are sealed.
"Shen Gongbao, what do you mean?" Yunjiao was furious, and the light in his hand flashed, and the flying sword was already offered.
Mochen was also puzzled and cried, "Uncle Shen, what do you mean?"
"Prince Mochen, don’t let Princess Yun Jiao get away. If he goes back to Geshang, Geshang will have no worries. If he joins forces with Fuguang, the Dragon Palace will be in danger!" Shen Gongbao shouted.
Mochen suddenly froze, and then shouted, "Shen Gongbao, you are talking nonsense. How could my sister-in-law do such a thing!"
Cloud mosquitoes listen to Mochen’s anger, and immediately fly a sword in their hands, and they move towards Shen Gongbao’s neck.
I know there, the flying sword just flew out in the middle, and suddenly it landed with a clatter. Yunjiao only felt that his whole body was numb, and he was really stagnant and could not move.
Mochen slowly took back her handprint, fell to her knees at Yunjiao, and said, "Nineteen elder sister, General Shen is right. You must not leave. My brother has sinned!"
"You … you little bastard, don’t even believe in your sister!" Yunjiao’s tears suddenly flowed down.
"It’s not that Mochen doesn’t believe in her sister, it’s just that Mochen doesn’t trust that Ge Shang and Ge Lang. If they had the heart to help me in the Dragon Palace, when Uncle Aoqin and the moth sang a conflict 50 years ago, he should have promised us to send troops to kill the moth singing. As a result, their father and son pretended to be sick and the other pretended to be stupid, so that the moth singing was so powerful now. I had to take precautions!" Mochen stood up, shook his hands, and the ice in the room broke and went out.
Then Shen Gongbao hugged his fist at Yunjiao, who stood still, and said, "Princess Yunjiao, there is nothing Shen Gongbao can do. Princess Yunjiao can bear it for a while!" Say, also turned and went out.
When Mochen came to the Dragon Palace Hall, he turned to Shen Gongbao and said, "Go and ask the Dragon Patriarch to come to the Dragon Palace quickly. After such a thing happened, we have to discuss it well!"
"Ha ha, don’t call Prince Mochen, Long Xingxuan is coming!" As soon as Mochen’s words were spoken, he saw a flash of golden light in front of him. Long Xing Xuan suddenly appeared in front of Mochen, wearing a purple and gold crown with a phoenix wing, a golden armor with a lock and lotus root cloth shoes.
"Brother Long, you’re just in time. My elder sister-in-law has lost her mind. Instead of helping me, she will help the floating old thief!" Mochen gnashed her teeth and said to Long Xingxuan.
"Is there such a thing?" Longxingxuan was taken aback and frowned.
"Exactly, this Ge Lang and Ge Shang are really hateful!" With a wave of his hand, Mochen was so angry that a wave of gas suddenly flew out of the bottom of the sea, and the sea suddenly raised waves like hills.
"Don’t be angry, Prince Mochen. I think there must be some reasons. It is better for the prince to go to Geshang Palace in person and talk to Geshang and Gelang. The Dragon Palace is a celestial institution, and they dare not mess around! " Star xuan with the wave, said to MoChen.
"Prince, now in the Dragon Palace, the old dragon king is in poor spirits, and the prince’s brothers are not in the Dragon Palace. The prince is the only one in charge, in case that Geshang and Ge Lang are crazy. Damaged the prince. What can I do? " Shen Gongbao quickly stepped forward and said.
"Ha ha," general don’t have to.
I’m sorry to bother you. I think you both know this outfit on me. I’m afraid of it. I think even if Ge Shang and Ge Lang want to keep us both in trouble, he is powerless! "Star xuan ha ha a smile. Said to Shen Gongbao.
"Dragon patriarch, are you going?" Mochen was suddenly overjoyed.
"Of course, Long Xingxuan and Prince Mochen are in a dilemma. Naturally, we must help the prince convince Ge Shang to help us smooth out the floating light! " Xing Xuan vowed to say.
Shen Gongbao immediately discretion to stop talking at this time, secretly blunt Longxing Xuan smiled, Longxing Xuan stared his one eye, frighten the Shen Gongbao immediately put a smile, pretend to be distressed again.
"Ha ha, accompanied by the Dragon Patriarch, let alone the Geshang Palace, even the nether world, Mo Chen dares to make a breakthrough!" Mochen suddenly became more confident, but he saw Long Xingxuan’s kung fu, which drove the moral Buddha to back down and easily capture the moth to sing. His skill was so profound that he couldn’t imagine it. I’m afraid even his eldest brother Ma Wenyuan didn’t have Long Xingxuan’s deep skill.
Just, he didn’t know that now Xing Xuan’s capability is still worse than that of Ma Wenyuan. It’s only the twelve-pole bone spear and Kuafu staff in his hand, which makes up for the lack of capability of Long Xing Xuan. Without these magic weapons, Long Xing Xuan still has some difficulties if he wants to easily push back Qing.
As the star Xuan secretly read a spell in his heart, the golden flower of the lock suddenly emitted thousands of golden lights, and the two of them could hardly keep their eyes open in the hall. When the golden light faded, Mochen and Shen Gongbao couldn’t help opening their eyes in surprise.
At this point, just the star Xuanzong Lord has disappeared, standing in front of two people is the doddering old dragon king Ao Guang.
Mochen stepped back two steps, then laughed and said, "The golden flower of the lock is really an ancient treasure, but it can produce an illusion!"
Xing Xuan ha ha smiled and said, "Prince Mochen laughed. Xing Xuan is using this treasure for the first time. I’m afraid there are still many flaws in the illusion. It’s even more obvious when you meet someone like Tang Fei."
Mochen nodded and said, "You don’t need Tang Fei’s double god eyes, that is, Long Zongzhu’s words, so he immediately broke through. So, Long Zongzhu is by my side, pretending to be dementia. Anyway, my father’s illness has been getting worse over the years. So, Ge Shang and Ge Lang won’t be suspicious!"
Star Xuan nodded, immediately shut up and put on a pair of Alzheimer’s disease on his face.
"Somebody, order two hundred dragon soldiers, and follow me to Geshangfu!" With the protection of Xing Xuan, Mochen’s confidence was greatly increased, and he ordered the hag to point troops and go to that Geshangfu.
Prince Mochen and Dragon Star Xuan each rode a dragon horse and led two hundred dragon soldiers out of the Dragon Palace, heading for the Geshang Palace in the south.
Soon, I came to the sea area ruled by Ge Shang.
Prince Mochen pulled the reins of the dragon horse and shouted, "I’ve heard that I’m the 26th son of the East Sea Dragon King, and Mochen is the same. Today, I came with my father to pay my respects to Uncle Geshang, and I went to report!"
With the cry of Prince Mochen, there was a sudden fluctuation under the water, and several black lines dived toward the bottom of the sea and disappeared in the blink of an eye.
Xing Xuan and Mo Chen waited on the sea for half an hour, but still didn’t see any movement from the bottom of the water.
Mochen’s face suddenly would be a little bit, and she whispered back to Xing Xuan:
"Dragon Patriarch, they avoid it. What can we do?"
After hearing this, Long Xingxuan frowned and said, "Mochen, this time is of great importance. Anyway, we have to convince Ge Shang to help us. Otherwise, it is really difficult to deal with the floating light with the strength of 200,000 people in the Dragon Palace and my 50,000 sailors who are unstable!"
Mochen nodded and shouted, "Uncle Mochen, my father came to see you in person. Can’t you not be at home? Let’s go down!"
As he spoke, he read the water diversion tactic, and the water suddenly flew out of a road and extended straight to the bottom of the sea.
Long Xingxuan followed Mochen to drive the dragon horse and sank.
Along the way, it turned out to be quiet and there was no movement at all.