Jiang Yuanhua corners of the mouth smiling when dealing with public fast a few minutes.

A moment later, he paused for a moment, and the teenager was still watching, even without moving his posture.
Jiang Yuanhua frowned and gave birth to a strange feeling in his heart.
Jiang Yuanhua dare not stare at the monitor without blinking.
Suddenly a stream flashed across him, and he leaned forward to enlarge the picture as if he had been struck by lightning.
In the line of sight, the boy is clever and sits with a face of concentration.
However, a closer look reveals that his sight is out of focus.
What seems to be watching is actually in a daze
In order to test this guess, Jiang Yuanhua remotely controlled the video camera.
The video screen is black.
The teenager is still sitting like a lifeless wood with a pair of eyes looking ahead but a hole.
In an instant, a guess came to mind. There was something wrong with the teenager’s mental state.
Jiang Yuanhua frowned and shook his head slowly, saying that it was impossible for him to eat well and wear a good life. What blow could he afford?
Is it because of the contract? He also said that Diao Ji would have a place with him before he came back.
He has mistreated teenagers in recent years.
If it weren’t for a contract, he would still be that pathetic drag bottle
Although it was body double, he knew it was wishful thinking. Did it have to be so ugly?
In Jiang Yuanhua’s heart, it is the most important thing not to embarrass him. He should be obedient.
Not a Hu Fei canary is coming.
At the end of the day, if Jiang Yuanhua is a body double but not Xiao Jing, others will insist that he takes advantage.
Think about how many people want to be satisfied with President Jiang’s bed.
After thinking about it, my heart is a little uneasy. Jiang Yuanhua exhaled a polluted air and has already started to work again.
He looked at the monitor and watched the teenager inexplicably upset and make a comeback.
Jiang Yuanhua picked up the phone and put it down again. He dropped the monitor and got up and went to the balcony.
Light a cigarette, and Mars will be extinguished in the bustling city, with less than one bright lamp.
Jiang Yuanhua took a few deep breaths of smoke and blew a cool breeze, but his heart was restless but he could not calm down.
Looking at the bustling city, he quietly looked out at the excitement, but his thoughts were placed.
Suddenly he threw a cigarette butt and stomped it out, then turned into the office and said, "Assistant Li!" "
Human response
At this moment, Jiang Yuanhua became more and more agitated and shouted "Assistant Li!"
Assistant Li has always been working outside, but I don’t know where to go at the moment, but I haven’t seen anyone several times.
Hum, it’s so annoying that everyone is against him!
Jiang Yuanhua’s tie-pulling temper is getting more and more violent. "Where’s Li Nonren?"
Suddenly the door was pushed open.
Assistant Li was panting and his hair was wet. "Manager Jiang asked for me."
"Where have you been? I have called you many times!"
Assistant Li bowed his head and explained that "I was just dealing with something."
Jiang Yuanhua was livid and almost growled, "I don’t care what you are doing. If I tell you, you have to appear at once."
Assistant Li nodded should be afraid to touch the jinx.
In fact, assistant Li has been with him for many years and it is rare to be scolded like this.
At this moment, Assistant Li remembered in a trance that after Diao Ji left, he was often impetuous and picky about his genus. Even a group of shareholders picked up their tails and were angered by his anger and dared to talk behind his back.
How long has it been since Li became an assistant? I have rarely seen him lose control of his temper.