"Is there nothing to do?" Jane looked at her fish basket and was very angry. Tonight, the grilled fish plan was dropped, which made him show off in front of Su Yuting!

Er ya hasn’t spoken yet, and the three-ring sound is ringing nearby, which suddenly startled two people.
Walking without the Third Ring Road also learned to cross the Lightness Skill by flying in vain.
Er Ya looked warily at the Third Ring Road, and then her face showed a look when she was fighting. Her face was red and her fists clenched in a bow and arrow, and the crane hung its wings (she could not make two moves at the same time)
"What do you want to do?"
Jane stared at Sanhuan, and he could feel the fighting spirit of Sanhuan in flames.
"I’ll do whatever the official wants me to do!"
The level of Sanhuan’s saying this has risen to a higher level, and then he took a demonstration and looked at Er Ya.
Jane nodded a little.
"Do you like to eat popsicles and ice cream?"
Sanhuan licked his tongue involuntarily and nodded firmly, then looked forward to watching Jane, hoping that he could let himself do something.
"Then you can sell popsicles!"
"really?" Sanhuan is a character who is used to playing soy sauce, but he can’t accept the role of buying soy sauce for a while.
Jane nodded a little.
After a demonstrative look at the Third Ring Road, Er Ya was in high spirits and ignored the momentum of Er Ya’s raging fire. At last, I have something to do. I want to save a lot of money for my private savings, more than Er Ya! Sanhuan secretly determined!
"Go ahead, this matter needs to be prepared. You should go to your little mother and ask her to arrange a try in Fengcheng. If the sales volume is good, just a few branches!"
"hmm!" The Third Ring Road nodded heavily and flew back, and disappeared in the blink of an eye. Good flying practice!
Er ya is very wronged there!
"Are you jealous?"
Two ya shook her head and nodded!
"Don’t want to continue to raise fish?"
Er ya shook her head!
"I also want to do more things!" Two ya finally spoke this sentence.
"Are you still in charge of the account! Tired of doing too much! "
Jane shook her head. "I’m a little tired of raising fish. It’s better to leave these ponds to others another day!" " Touche her breasts.
Er ya didn’t avoid looking up at Jane!
"Hurry up, I’ll hand over the tea business to you, and you’ll be in charge of the import and export of goods, such as sales. You’ll have to take charge of it in the future! You can’t always do these low-level businesses. You should upgrade! "
Jane believes in Er Ya, not because this girl is sophisticated, intelligent and capable of management, but because she is loyal, so a handy girl should let go of her talents, and wait until she is a child.
Go out happily and go home safely.
The former said that Jane had it and Er Ya, and the latter said that it was the fish who came out to wander around the pond after eating.
On the way back to Zhuang, many Zhuang took the initiative to say hello to Jane.
Nowadays, Jianjiazhuang makes more and more money with the growing business, and correspondingly, the welfare of the Zhuang people has also increased. For example, the fields can be rearranged and the roads paved with stone rain will not slip; For example, there are dolphin meat points every month; For example, help Zhuang rebuild dangerous houses!
But it is still simple to build a new countryside and a better life is yet to come!
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Chapter 27 Yang Yun marveled at the sigh
When Jane came home, she saw Su Yuting sitting in front of the mirror looking after her with a sad face!
"Officer person what should I wear? I don’t know how to make a bun! I’m dying of worry. "Su Yuting is very resistant to staring at the front mirror.
"Want to do? I have been tossing at home all day. Who dares to look at you without fear except me? " Jane sat lazily beside her drinking iced brandy.
"I have a party!"
Su Yuting shocked Jane with a word.
"To the reception?"
"It was when I went to Fengfeng the other day that I met the magistrate’s wife and made an appointment to let me walk around. This invitation is still here!" Su Yuting is very proud and has great courage in her hands.
"It is necessary to attend the women’s conference, but don’t make anything easily!" Jane is worried about her business. She’s afraid that this little bitch will sell herself when she meets so many dignitaries.
"Am I that stupid?"
Su Yuting despises Jane’s cautious villain mentality. Judging from her father’s negotiations, there is no need to worry that this woman who regards money as the emperor will betray her own interests.
"That’s good!" Jane nodded a little.
"But what kind of flowers and hairpin should I wear? There are clothes. I don’t even know what to wear. Before I go to some businessmen’s wives’ parties, I dress casually! It’s different now. It’s a magistrate’s party! If you dress casually, wouldn’t it weaken your official name? "
It seems that Jane has no title yet.
"Why don’t you ask Yang Zhen? That girl is a rich family. "Jane has a suggestion.
"That’s a good idea!"
Su Yuting nodded, and she also felt the different temperament of Yang Yun and Yang Zhen, which was noble that others could not learn. Although she was naughty, Yang Zhen was also a natural noble style.
"But where does her family live?"
This question stumbles Jane, who has been in contact with Yang Yun’s brother and sister for so long and still doesn’t know where their family lives. Moreover, it seems that these two brothers and sisters haven’t appeared in Jianjiazhuang for several days!
Jane stared at Su Yuting and Su Yuting stared at Jane.
"Time brother-"
Yang Yunyin is still so cool!
Hallucinations! It must be an illusion! It’s impossible to see Yang Yun’s brother and sister immediately. Jane shook her head firmly and then saw Su Yuting shaking her head, too.
Husband and wife are really connected, and they all regard this sound as an illusion!
"Brother Liuguang, don’t hide. I know you’re in the house or I’ll break in!"
There is a three-ring threat sound in Yang Yun’s recklessness.
"If I don’t go out, I’ll let the dog go!"
"I’m so scared!"
It is Yang Zhen who despises the three-ring tone.
It is obvious that such a complicated sound is not an illusion but a scene!
"Yang Xiong is really a sight for sore eyes! I haven’t seen the spirits for a few days. If it is a peach blossom, is it a peach blossom today? "
Jane strode out to meet her.
Yang Yun was embarrassed and coughed. He followed Jane to the grape trellis in the courtyard, and then looked at Jane with the eyes of stars and the moon. "It’s been several days!" He coughed a few times again, and his eyes were red with cold-like symptoms!